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No. I just have a bad case of ADD and a tendency to drift off at the end of a long post, even one I'm interested in like yours.
Ooops. Missed it.
Unless there is some reason not, I would post the name of the shop in the hope that Marco, T4 or someone else reading this is familiar with it.
I never even remotely suggested that "anything coming out Naples" shares common aesthetic attributes with everything else that comes out of Naples, notwithstanding your ipse dixit reliance on "simple logic". If you were paying attention, you would know that I was questioning your assumption that no Neopolitan makers can satisfy your needs at a cheaper price, particularly given that you have only used one Neopolitan shirtmaker. Again, I seriously doubt that AM's methods of...
I value your opinion based on the breadth of your experience. Is AM your go- to shirtmaker? Is there another maker in Naples or elsewhere that you can recommend at a lower price?
What's hard to understand is that AM and Geneva shirts appear to be totally different animals and your move from one to the other seems to reflect a drastic change in taste. I assume your original due diligence led you to Geneva well before AM, given that you live in NYC. But you opted for AM. Yet having been satisfied with your aesthetic experience with AM, I would have thought your next step would have been to another Neopolitan maker, rather than Geneva. I guess your...
I have gone to AC several times with the intention of getting something made but I have never pulled the trigger. Some of it has to do with the fact that I have a shitload of shirting and the NY store doesn't do CMT. However, the last I looked they did have an inventory of such relics as Viyella in the old wool/cotton mix for a song.When I was there last they had an offer to do a completely handstitched shirt for a $150 premium. I subsequently read here that the upcharge...
I have heard that it is hard to navigate Naples. All the more reason to value the experience of those who have endeavored to do so rather than stick with the safer choices..
I believe that Ascot Chang does that as well.
That's partially true but not entirely. As a reader of the posts on this subject, I find more value in what Marco has to say than Foo because of Marco's more varied experience. As someone who has never been to Naples I am interested in more than what one maker has to offer. For Foo, it's AM or nothing. Otherwise, why would he go to Geneva, which is as far from the Naples experience as I imagine it to be. From my limited experience and from what others with greater...
New Posts  All Forums: