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Maybe we run in different circles. LOL. But even when I go to NYC to eat/ and/or shop, which is at least a weekly event, I don't see much of any of this stuff. Even traditional overcoats have been replaced to some extent by trenchcoats, Barbours or some substitute. I love ovrcoats and continue to make them up, but if my choices were determined by need, I would have stopped long ago.
There's no question that DB's have been out of "fashion" in the US since the '50's. I can't remember the last time that a mainstream RTW company featured them. But that's more or less true about pocket squares, hats and other clothing and accessories frequently discussed on this board. I have been at firms with anywhere from 100 to over 1000 lawyers and I rarely see anyone wearing any of those things. However I wear DB's often and at this point peolpe don't even take a...
Birdseyes, pindots and sharkskins are all twill weaves that hold a crease and last forever. I don't think any of them, including sharkskin, are inherently shiny, and they do not tend to develop a shine. If you want something with a bit of fuzz look for a worsted with a semi-milled finish like Botany. There also were Lesser 13 oz that fit that description in the past, but I don't know about current books.
Since you're in NY, you might check Tip Top.I just got back from there and they have many bolts of quality tweed coatings including some densely woven Harris barleycorn in several colors that must be pretty close to 20gms.. Not sure if any are as dark as you are looking for. I picked up a couple of yards in a grayish oatmeal melange somewhat similar to one of the LL cloths. It's $29 per yard single width.
Thanks. The reason I ask is that if the way AM cuts is the distinguishing feature of her shirts and you don't really care about the hand stitched bells and whistles that do not enhance the fit or make of the shirt, you may be able to get the biggest bang for your buck by foregoing all of the extra needle work.
As a practical matter, judgements of good taste are made in this thread based on a number of ad-hoc ill-defined rules (axioms) of good taste. I suppose a group of wise men (DH's) could formulate a set of rules that govern most (but, as Godel proved in mathematics, not all) questions of good taste. But these axioms would invariably be subjective, tied to convention and controverfsial.What I find more interesting is that Manton apparently believes (if I am reading him...
Can you order a shirt w/o any hand sewing? Is that what you get for 350 euro?
FWIW, even mathematical logic has its limits. Any logical system from which the rules of arithmatic can be derived will be "incomplete"; that is, there will always be some proposition that can neither be proven nor disproven.
I understand the distinction you are making but I'm not clear on whether you are defining expressions of good taste in terms of the convetnions that exist in a particular time and place? For example, do you determine whether a suit is in good taste based on some sort of convention, whether it is based on popular tastes or the taste of a special few? If so, is there necessarily a relatioinship between that convention and permanent aesthestics? If not, must the good taste...
Assuming 1)the ontological issues are as you stated and 2)there is a rational basis for aesthetics (a far from trivial proposition), your conclusion that good taste with regard to clothing exists does not inevitably follow unless you accept that the aesthetics of clothing are rationally based, which is not self-evident either. Moreover, your positions on the relevance of convention appear to be contradictory. On one hand, you assert the exercise in this thread to...
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