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To be clear, I don't have any issue with DB's and PS's and, in fact, I own many of each. I don't always wear squares mostly because I'm to lazy in the morning to work out the combinations. However, in my experience, not many professional people I see on a daily basis wear either
Wow, that just isn't my experience. I'll have to pay closer attention next time I'm in NYC.
I wouldn't hesitate to wear a hat if I could find one I think looks good on me.
Maybe it is a New York thing, but I see very few lawyers on a percentage basis, including those from NY, who wear PS's.
Out of curiousity, for those of you who 1)work in offices in which professional men are required to wear suits and ties or 2)regularly interact with those men who do, what % actually wear DB's? pocket squares? hats? In my experiece, less than 1% wear any of them.
Wow. The Cru Classe is very different from the cloths under discussion, which are hard and dry.
It should. It's great cloth. Do you live north of Canada?
I think the 16 oz is great as well, just not as versatile.
For me, the Lesser 13 oz has been my favorite suiting in terms of look and utility.
Maybe we run in different circles. LOL. But even when I go to NYC to eat/ and/or shop, which is at least a weekly event, I don't see much of any of this stuff. Even traditional overcoats have been replaced to some extent by trenchcoats, Barbours or some substitute. I love ovrcoats and continue to make them up, but if my choices were determined by need, I would have stopped long ago.
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