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I know that you are referring to Dario and still burning about our previous exchange ages ago. But this is a dispute of a different order. It's not a matter of what I like or don't like. It's about whether a business is cheating it's customers. Obviously the nuance is lost on you. In the real world difrerences of taste are treated differently that disputes about honesty.
The first two posts were completely silent as to what TT knows or doesn't know and a fair reading of them is trhat they know. After all they know how Dormeuil is spelled and what its selvedge looks like. Moreover, if there is a legimate concern that TT is unknowingly selling cvounterfeit goods, PB would provide a much greater servivice to the SF community and to TT if he brought whatever info he has to TT's attention. He obviously hasn't done that because he doesn't have...
The fact that this is not a court is completely irrelevant to the point I'm making. It's a point of principle. In my opinion, a forum like SF should not publish unverified accusations of criminal activity. This issue does not involve differences in taste or debates about the usual trivia that people here get ripped about. This is an issue of fact that relates to the integrity of a business that can real consequences in the real world. The fact that posters are anonymous...
Since you've been there, do you have first-hand evidence that they sell counterfeit goods? If yes, please tell us what it is? If yes, have you brought it to their attention? If no, your defense that "you didn't state it as a fact" is pretty lame. It wouldn't be much of defense in court and, more importantly, it hardly mitigates the harm your comments might cause Tip Top. I don't know what you do for a living, but I'm sure you wouldn't be quite so nonchalant if someone...
I just caught this. I have no connection to Tip Top other than as a customer but I do these remarks to be offensive. You essentially have accused them of criminal conduct (marketing counterfeit goods) based on hearsay (I gather you have never been there) and, if false, those accusations are per se defamatory. I suggest that you let your "sources" speak for themselves. Otherwise, your rumor mongering does no one any good and has the potential to harm a business that, in my...
I have bought tons of fabric from Tip Top (and other jobbers) and I've never seen anything that remotely struck me as counterfeit. They generally get closeouts frommiills, merchants, clothing manufacturers and, to a small extent, tailors. I wouldn't vouch for their expertise or for the quality of all of the cloth they sell but I've never had reason to question the authenticity of their goods.
I was going to use that acronym but I wasn't sure if it is used in your neck of the woods.
Does Ripense work on cloth provided by the customer and, if so, what is the cost of labor only for a two-piece suit?
Who are the shirtmakers that you generally use?
They are different companies. A Harrison is owned by Bulmer Lumb, the same company that owns Taylor & Lodge. It gets especially confusing given that Harrisons of Edinburgh is a third distinct company with the Harrison name.
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