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I was told Johnstons by the owner's daughter, who runs the company. Agreed, Johnstons makes very good tweeds as well.
Eustace, I'm pretty sure that the new Hunters is made by Johnstons not Lovat.
RE: Hunters. I see they've listed some of the NOS on the website. Eustace, what do you think about the new stuff?
Eustace, Is the Hunters piece new production or NOS?
I agree with Despos regarding the Escorial. I have severial pieces in a variety of weights including one piece of coating from Taylor & Lodge that weighs about 650 gms,. It is soft like Golden Bale and, in the lighter weights, like the Carlo Barbera for Lesser jacketing, and I don't see why it would be any less tailorable than either of those.
I don't really disagree with much of what you say but I do find a degree of rigidity from more than a few posters that comes from a lack of depth and breadth of experience.
I can't really subscribe to the sentiments in either of the above posts as they are inapposite. It would be one thing, if the SF audience was like Manton's hypothetical foodies, who presumably come from a variety of backgrounds that draw from different experiences but still reach some agreement about what "good" is. However, my sense is that many SF posters have recently taken on clothing as a serious pursuit and much, if not most, of what they know comes from this forum....
No doubt, internet groupthink is a real phenomenom but I think its influence in large part corresponds to the relative age and experience of its audience. For old farts like me, who began thinking about and buying high-end clothing long before the advent of the net, rules set forth by strangers who have dubious bona fides have little force. For this reason, I rarely look at SF's "good taste" threads. OTOH, I have learned a lot from other posters' experiences with makers...
I have purchased from several Bonfanti ranges before and after their put up their site, including, in decreasing order of their weight Bristol, Capri, Belfast and New York. as well as their cotton/linen blends. I tend to prefer the sheerer fabrics so I usually stick to the Belfast and New York, which I find solid, durable and smooth. I also find that the Bristol and Capri shrink more after washing, so it's particualrly important to wash them before making them up. I've...
Have any of you purchased Bonfanti fabric online or otherwise? I love the stuff.
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