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No doubt, internet groupthink is a real phenomenom but I think its influence in large part corresponds to the relative age and experience of its audience. For old farts like me, who began thinking about and buying high-end clothing long before the advent of the net, rules set forth by strangers who have dubious bona fides have little force. For this reason, I rarely look at SF's "good taste" threads. OTOH, I have learned a lot from other posters' experiences with makers...
I have purchased from several Bonfanti ranges before and after their put up their site, including, in decreasing order of their weight Bristol, Capri, Belfast and New York. as well as their cotton/linen blends. I tend to prefer the sheerer fabrics so I usually stick to the Belfast and New York, which I find solid, durable and smooth. I also find that the Bristol and Capri shrink more after washing, so it's particualrly important to wash them before making them up. I've...
Have any of you purchased Bonfanti fabric online or otherwise? I love the stuff.
Eustace, It's been a while since I ordered tweed from Haggarts and I can't find an email address at the moment. However, I found separate addresses and phone #'s for Glenlyon and Haggarts in Aberfeldy, so I dunno. If I find out something else, I'll post it. In the meantime, The Tweed Shop is offering both Haggarts and Glenlyon, although the Haggarts is limited to 4 patterns in 26-28 oz. If you like any of the patterns, I suggest you scarf them up. The one I have is...
Eustace, Do you plan on making up the Hunters tweed this season? I'm curious about how it compares to what else is out there. I made up one of their "old" fabrics and it compares with anything I have tried but I haven't purchased any of the "new" cloth. Two other tweed companies that don't get much play are Haggarts and Glenlyon. Although I have heard that there is some connection between the two, I have purchased from each of them separately. The cloth I received from...
Tim, Have you looked at the Lesser 16 oz.?
The "new" Hunters tweeds are produced by Johnstons of Elgin, not Lovat. The owners of the company also have an inventory of "old" fabrics they purchased with other assets from the b/r receiver.
Actually, there was a time when Breanish sold directly to people in NA but they gave it up and engaged as Jodek as its NA agent.
They used to carry Riva but not for quite a while.
Alien for me but what about Phantasm?
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