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Do you know if they have put any of their fabrics on sale?
I was there. I have been getting shirts from them for the past year or two. I've been with very pleased with their work and ordered 4 more.
According to its website, Bulmer & Lumb, the owner of Taylor & Lodge and Arthur Harrison, purchased the Woodhouse name in 2009. However, I don't believe the Woodhouse factory is still in operation.
Thankfully it was Robert Donat who was wearing it, not Hitchcock.
II'm actually thinking about making up an Ulster with "raincoat" pockets. I've seen a number of examples in old movies (eg, The 39 Steps) and I like to put my hands in my coat pockets. Do you think it looks incongruous?
Who is your current shirtmaker? Have you ever tried Anna M?
I have had good experiences with the ranges I have tried including New York, Belfast, Capri and Bristol. I've had some shirts for over 5 years and had no problems with durability. I prefer the finer cloths but the Capri and Bristol are quite good. Be sure to allow for more shrinkage with the Bristol.
Gee, that really makes sense. I get ripped off and get pissed at you for warning people about counterfeit goods instead of getting mad at the person who ripped me off. I don't get ripped off because I know a lot about fabrics.The fact remains you have no evidence that TT knowingly or unknowingly sells fake cloth. Yet you choose to post something on the internet that you heard from an anonymous source rather than walk ten blocks and raise that concern with TT directly....
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