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Which came from the original Hunters of Brora when it had its own mill. I have a jacket made of the stuff.
Among others, Scabal, Gorina and Lesser, when Lesser was selling mohair fabrics
If you are interested in mohair, you should consider Halstead, which produces mohair fabrics for many of the big names.
Are you sure that Moxon is selling Lori Piana fabrics under its own name? My understanding is that Moxon produces all of its own fabric.
Most of the companies mentioned above are merchants not mills, e.g.Harrison's of Edinburgh, Harrison's (Burley), although some like Scabal own mills that are used for some of their production. Notwithstanding your Wiki quote, Moxon, which operates a mill that also weaves Hield's fabrics, produces some of the best fabric I have ever used. It's just hard to get and very expensive. For those who are interested, however, there are several lengths of 6 ply 120's and cashmere...
You are right on both counts. While Johnson's is a major weaver of Scottish cashmere fabric, the others are not weavers at all.
I also like the Triplo very much but if you are sensitive to the heat, you may find that it wears too warm for the summer.
If you like the Moonbeam, you might also take a look at the Lamlana book from W Bill. Very similar. I made up a jacket in B & W glen plain from that book and it has held up very well.
I wasn't aware that CB even made shirting. Do you mean suiting? If not,,have you seen or used the stuff yourself? If so, what are your impressions? Do you know how to source it?
Thanks for the reply.
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