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I picked up this Ralph Lauren Black Label Tamarack Brown Denim Sports Jacket a few months back and would like to start wearing it. Would navy or black dress pants work? Maybe navy pants, white shirt? All recommendations would be helpful. I don't want to look mismatched!
I just had my suit jacket tailored and the shirt cuff can't be seen until I bend my elbow. After searching around I continue to read that 1/4-1/2" of shirt cuff should be visible. Is this true or does it even matter? In this picture who has the better fitting suit (not meant to start any political posts, it just shows both styles):
Should the shoes be darker? Pls recommend.
I'd say too tight.
Does this sports jacket go with the navy slacks and brown shoes or is it a stretch?
Thanks for the responses guys!
I picked out four ties that I believe "might" work with this shirt I just bought. What do you gentleman think? Which one? Thanks in advance!  
I'm flying out on Southwest Airlines this summer and have never traveled with a suit before. Whats the best way to fly and carry a suit so that it does not wrinkle?
I am looking for a slim fit, 38S sports coat and I ran across a dark brown suit on Macy's website (link and attached image below). Would this work as a sports coat with black or khacki pants?
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