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Phat, I think you have a great understanding of colors and textures.So classic! I especially like Thursday. BTW, what is your usual width of pants at hem?Here's my try for today.The suit is from a forum member, scohrdarkshadow and the tie is from davesmith.Thank you all for great stuffs.I need to shorten sleeves more. I just uncuffed shirt sleeves. [[SPOILER]]
Working on Saturday... [[SPOILER]]
I think if half an inch is in your acceptable range, it won't matter but out of the range, it will. I am 5'8" and 29.5'' to 30'' seems ok. But with 29'' I feel it's short and 30.5" appears to be too long.
I don't believe you don't know what I know, but anyway, here's what I know.A monk shoe was of course a shoe worn by monks in the Alps around the 15th century.In the 19th century, Lobb made monk shoes for Prince Edward who had wide feet.Later in 1945, John Lobb started to produce double monk shoes 'William.'Unlike blutcher(derby) which was designed by Prussian general Blutcher and widely used for outdoor activities such as hunting,monk shoes were worn with suits. Hence,...
What do you exactly want to know?
Double monk shoes are classic, but for so many people who don't know the origin, they looks just trendy, I think. So, I personally prefer a round toe or not pointy DB monk shoes with classic-fit suits. Even Lowndess looks too pointy with my slim Boglioli suit.
There are several fits in Uniqlo pants, but mostly slim fit. Sometimes slimmer than BB Milano, I think. About EM's of Mason's, I guess it is an Italian brand. Their retail prices are ridiculous, but you can find them at reasonable prices elsewhere. I usually bought them around $50. There are several fits in Mason's collections but most of the EM's of Mason's pants are slim. EM's of Mason's is a sort of diffusion line of the brand. You can check it out here...
I don't know whether you'll see my reply but I recommend 'Myung-Poom-Sa' near Yaksu subway station which is close to Chungmuro.The owner had worked as a tailor before, so he has a good understanding of patterns.The phone number is 02-2233-0068 and it's in Dong-A Heitz apartment.
1. versatile color: Navy period. And I think Ivory color is one of the most versatile pants but if you don't like bright colors, I prefer olive to brown. I often find it hard to match medium- or dark- brown pants with jackets. Most jackets which go well with brown pants look much better with grey or navy pants. 2. chino vs. wool: I think both are good. But I think it has something to do with seasons. I prefer to wear wool pants during fall and winter. My...
It's been a while to post here.I bought this beautiful suit from one of forum members, and I like it.I wonder whether a light-blue shirt would work better than white one with a khaki cotton suit. [[SPOILER]]
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