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glad to hear some things don't change.
They're a bit thicker and IMO slimmer in the leg. Didn't work for me.
Tan is apparently darker, I had Gravity Pope compare them side by side and the guy said they were slightly darker and "richer", whereas the khaki were more "washed out".
The brown suede ones did, just grabbed those for 147$... Along with some sweats and a shirt.Annoyingly I just last night bought some tan westpoint chinos for 118 and now they're 69... Just bought them again and hoping they'll be reasonable and cancel the first order, which has no doubt not yet processed or shipped. We'll see what they say.
To add to that, I take a 45 in CP achilles, 44 is basically unwearable (if anyone wants a pair of patent navy 44's, I have some just sitting around). However, I can wear either 44 or 45 in W+H lows, and if I have a choice between the two will take the 44's. Never even tried on the hi's, slept on a couple of pairs and regret missing them, but I gather they fit identically to the low (willing to be corrected).
Anyone ID this by season? http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Robert-Geller-Wool-Coat-Sweater-Jacket-Size-52-L-XL-/151556677874 Threw out an offer just 'cause and it was accepted so here we are.
6'2'' 180 when I bought it? It's a pretty true medium but long. Also stretchy. I keep meaning to take measurements. I believe the chest is about 20"-20.5", but like I say, these stretch a decent amount.
No, it's way before that. It's the 2011 edition, first and IMO best version they've done. Colour is darker / deeper than the pics I'd say, and very saturated.
The first and best version. Old fit (longer). No defects of any kind. Ignore the fluff on the sleeve, I didn't notice it when I took the picture. Here is a super hi-res version. http://i.imgur.com/uTLGigc.jpg The red is deeper and more saturated than either picture suggests.
I'm going to be selling some stuff in the new year including two TOJ's, a bomber with fur and the blacked out DR. Size 52, 26.25" sleeves. Never worn. Size 48, 27" sleeves. Broken in, but no defects. If you're interested PM me.
New Posts  All Forums: