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Bag was custom made by Simon Baker in Scotland. Some details on Simon's work here: Made with the finest quality Sedgwick bridle butt in Havana Brown - a rich shade of brown that varies between medium brown and very dark brown, almost black, depending on the light. The bag is entirely hand stitched. Sadly amazing craftsmanship like this is becoming less and less common.... It...
Tarrago Nano Protector is a good non-silicone spray that in my experience won't darken light coloured suede like a lot of other sprays can - demo here: Watershield is also good, but its silicone based (which I understand can dry out leather?) and does darken the suede a bit.
^ they're by Simon Baker:
Asked Charly the same thing yesterday - was told "Production run should start this week."
Any update on daypack production?
There must be a word for the anticipation and disappointment that comes before and after each weeks tracking day.Anyway, got tracking on my grey baseball! For those who ordered close to the cutoff, my order was placed 3 days prior to the Jan 18 deadline... I imagine the orders went up exponentially right at the end.
And my order is underway - really happy so far! (Dark Havana, chrome hardware, shoulder strap, full sized rear pocket, centre lock with buckles either side) Gusset stitched together; the partition boards ready to be stitched in; front cut: Gusset almost there: Gusset finished, shoulder strap done: Pattern for front flap finalised:
New camo rivets and Alden Color 8 Brixtons - a perfect match:
Black lamb A2 bomber with silver zippers in as new condition. Purchased directly from TOJ in mid-2012 - was only worn less than 5 times and am only selling as I've got a few other TOJ jackets (see here) and have come to realise that the brown leathers work better for me. As would be expected - the jacket is basically in as new condition - with no scuffs, scratches, signs of wear etc. Comes with the detachable shearling collar (forgot to photography), that has never been...
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