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Are you getting the indigo twill one too? *fingers crossed*
Any chance of a rivet chino restock anytime soon?
Bring on gunmetal zippers!
Hey Mike - Last time I checked, the Japanese Camo Walts were out of stock in size 36 and there were no plans to remake them. The web shop is now showing the 36 as in stock - is that a clerical error or should I get my credit card out?
Hi Patrik - what about the Beaulieu In Burgundy - is this available to order as a stock line?Or is there a restock due soon (especially in 11.5!)?
Hey Kirby - I saw in another thread you picked up 42 new Mario Talarico umbrellas - are they going up on the site soon?
Gaziano & Girling - St James II - Vintage Cherry On the soft square MH71 these are a UK 11E (which is their standard width). They have had a 'topy' sole fitted. Shoes were only worn half a dozen times - sadly they were a touch small on me, so time to go! Bought new from Bespoke England - Nick's photos are far better than mine: Price includes worldwide shipping. The shoes trees pictured...
TOJ T-1 Medium Grey Lamb Suede. Got it last year but am selling it as my other TOJs get far more wear. Too many jackets, too little time Its probably only been worn 4 or 5 times, so is basically in as new condition - with no scuffs, scratches, signs of wear etc. A couple of things to note: - I found the sleeves sat a little long on me, so I added an extra snap on both cuffs. The snap isn't exactly the same, though you don't notice it when on, and obviously not original,...
So this thread doesn't completely become overtun with anti-SAB sentiment - I will just add that I recently had a case made by SAB that was absolutely fantastic - in fact arguably better constructed than one I got from them a few years earlier. Yes, the service can be brisk, but the outcome was excellent.With regards to return shipping - was it categorically stated by SAB that you will need to pay the expense of shipping to them, and the expense of shipping the replacement...
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