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If so, that is a brilliant piece of product review trolling.
Maybe that review is supposed to be in the person of Nick Carraway from the Great Gatsby? He's definitely a Yalie who would be gifted something by someone named Daisy.
Pardon the false alarm; looks like they are in fact produced in Germany, as a quick perusal of Drake's product pages would have told me. Carry on, nothing to see here.
Thanks, Ed; that's good to know. I'll send Drake's an email and report back.
At the end of last month I purchased a navy silk knit on eBay under the auspices that it was by Drake's. When it arrived, I noticed that it had a somewhat noticeable bump running down the length of the center of the tie, an impression from the seam on the back. This being my first foray into silk knits, I didn't assume it necessarily indicated anything in regards to quality or authenticity. Besides that, I liked the tie, and wore it once, receiving a couple of...
FC, I always thought of grenadine ties as particularly appropriate for summer; are they not in your opinion? Or are you simply tired of seeing them?
Thanks, Mr D. Yeah, I wouldn't wear it with a suit. The collar's really too skimpy for wearing with a tie period, and it probably could've used an ironing to boot. Better efforts to come.
Thanks for the feedback, Holdfast. I appreciate your thoughts. I don't particularly like the fit of the jeans I had on, which is why I didn't do a full length shot. I hadn't really thought about how necessary just the color is in terms of balance. FWIW, the tie is navy, hence the light blue shirt idea. If it was a black knit, I would definitely keep the white.
It's an odd jacket, which I wore some dark jeans with. I was thinking that a light blue oxford would help soften the contrast somewhat...are lighter colored ties generally more appropriate for cream jackets?
I figured I should stop lurking and try a post or two. End of the day, iPhone, bathroom mirror photos. You can't tell too well from the picture, but the tie's a silk knit.
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