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Thanks for the feedback, Holdfast. I appreciate your thoughts. I don't particularly like the fit of the jeans I had on, which is why I didn't do a full length shot. I hadn't really thought about how necessary just the color is in terms of balance. FWIW, the tie is navy, hence the light blue shirt idea. If it was a black knit, I would definitely keep the white.
It's an odd jacket, which I wore some dark jeans with. I was thinking that a light blue oxford would help soften the contrast somewhat...are lighter colored ties generally more appropriate for cream jackets?
I figured I should stop lurking and try a post or two. End of the day, iPhone, bathroom mirror photos. You can't tell too well from the picture, but the tie's a silk knit.
Essential, I didn't mean to say that wearing them up around your navel is unacceptable, only that pulling pants up or down is no way to arrive at a proper hem length. Without regard to the "correct" amount of rise in general, the particular pair you own have a rise which determines where the waistband should sit on your hips. If you can pull them up or they fall down from where the rise allows, the waist is probably too large. You should determine where the waistband...
Pulling your pants up is not a good way to fix hem length issues. Get the waist adjusted so that it sits at the proper place as permitted by the rise of your pants, and adjust the hem from there. They do still look like they need to be tapered. Someone (I can't remember whom) on this forum mentioned that leg opening is a function of pant length, so the shorter break the slimmer the opening (within reason). Southernstyle has posted some pictures on the WAYWRN thread that...
It's hard to know exactly what you mean by "between no break and enough break" (wouldn't enough break be...enough?), but my suggestion would be to take them up an inch or so and have from the top of the calf down slimmed. I don't know that you need them to look tapered, but right now they definitely bellow out a little bit. This may simply be a function of their length of course.
First of all, square-toed and cap-toed are not mutually exclusive, meaning you can have a square toe that is also capped. As to your question, square-toed shoes, compared to a sleeker, rounded toe, are less elegant whether you are wearing a suit or not. Look around the forum, there is no shortage of threads dedicated to this topic.
From what I've heard, Meermin is a good affordable option as well (see http://www.styleforum.net/t/277707/meermin-carmina-2nd-brand). That said, I don't know much about lasts, ect. But they are definitely sleeker in the toe box than AE and the like.
He said it fit almost perfectly, went to the in-house tailor for non-crazy alterations, and came back shit. How exactly is that his fault?OP, I'm glad it worked out well. Sounds like you kept your head about you, which is impressive with the wedding fast approaching. Congratulations and enjoy yourself!
It's probably too small of a distance, but it won't be a problem at all for the tailor to move the buttons. As you posited, he will probably just move the farthest button to be in the nearest position.
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