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I have to agree with Ant Honey on this. While conforming to his environment might mitigate SS' culpability somewhat, it doesn't change the fact that the outfit is a mishmash of discordant elements, colors, and textures.
Describing anything about high-end shoes as austerity has always struck me as ironic. I know, it's an appropriation of the term, but it still cracks me up anytime somebody mentions their austerity brogues that cost upwards of $500. I suppose I should add that I really dig the fit, Moo.
Picked this up recently but decided it's just too long. Rather than shortening it and possibly ruining the sportcoat in the process, I thought I'd pass along a great deal to somebody else. This would be a lovely fall sportcoat for somebody, which is why I picked it up. The colors are gorgeous, the construction top notch, and the gorge placement and buttoning point are spot on. The chest is built up nicely; I've included a picture to show what I mean. $135 $120 SOLD The...
If you're buying pocket squares online, then I suppose hand-rolled edges could serve as a stand-in for quality much in the way that functional boutonniere holes or surgeon's cuffs have been an indication of a well-constructed suit (though these touches are less and less useful as RTW manufacturers employ them to con style dilettantes). That said, pocket squares are pretty simple "garments", if you can even call them that--there's just the fabric and the edge. Generally...
Not too crazy about the shirt but that suit has really clean lines (with the exception of some tugging at the buttoning point). Very nice.
Timotune loaned it to him.Oh, and nice look Ranger.
I have the same odd preference, ragazzo. I'm still kicking myself for letting this PRL jacket go by on eBay. Perfect measurements and everything, and only $100. I've been keeping the picture so that I can have something like it made up someday.
Honey Ant, lay off; Foo hasn't posted in some time and you immediately drop a micro-penis bomb. Just like some people give rep to big names, it seems like some people like to shots at big names...pretty soon all we'll be left with is the blind leading the blind.
Wow, great stuff.
New Posts  All Forums: