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Hey guys, just had the heel on a pair of Allen Edmonds fixed up. The rubber was coming off on both heels, so I took them to my cobbler to get that replaced.When I got home, as I was putting them away I noticed the shoes are extremely unbalanced. When the heel is flat, the soles are off the ground, and when the soles are flat on the ground, only the very front of the heel is touching the ground. See the pictures below for what I mean. And this is with shoe trees in the...
Hey guys, I'm looking for one of Drakes' tiger pocket squares from last A/W, preferably in the natural tiger on blue background colorway. Looking to spend around $50. If anyone has one and is interested in parting with it, let me know!
This is probably the nicest piece of clothing I have ever touched, let alone owned. And, sadly, it is just a little too long for me in the sleeves, which are functional. And I'd rather sell this than run the risk of taking the sleeves up by the shoulder and ruining them in the process. My loss is your gain. For sale is a 100% cashmere grey blazer from La Vera Sartoria Napoletana. Size 48 EU/38 US with a 3-roll-2 configuration, double vents, working cuffs, spalla camicia...
Hey guys, I have a Polo Ralph Lauren blazer to sell. Made in America (has a union tag in one of the inside chest pockets) from a nice wool fabric. Bought it on eBay, but unfortunately the shoulders are wider than advertised, so I'm looking to hand it on to somebody else. It has really beautiful shoulders, and a barchetta breast pocket. BOC: 29" Shoulder-to-shoulder: 20" P2P: 21" Sleeve: 24.5" $125 including shipping CONUS
Hey guys, I have a Cappelli tie with a navy base and a leaf neat pattern for sale. It's 3.5" wide and 60" long. Self-tipped and ties a really beautiful knot. In perfect condition. New without tags; comes with Cappelli box. $89 $79 $74 including shipping CONUS
Tough lighting but looks good...
I have a new without tags Drakes grenadine for sale. It's a deep forest green (picture of the back probably shows the color best) with two silver repp stripes. I believe its 3.5" by 59". $90 including shipping CONUS
Not new, but it has only been worn a few times and is in excellent condition.
I have a beautiful Polo Ralph Lauren suit for sale. No tagged size but it measures to a rough 40R (detailed measurements below). The suit is a beautiful, navy double-breasted flannel with chalk stripes. It is, unfortunately, a little large for me. The suit has beautiful details, including full canvas construction, peak lapels, and gorgeous fabric. The coat is double-vented. The pants have a flapped coin pocket, forward pleats, and 1.5" cuffs, as well as both suspender...
A beautiful Marinella regimental for sale. It has a navy base with an alternating brown pencil stripe and double white pencil stripes. Lightly lined and ties a beautiful knot. 3.5" x 58". Asking $85 $75 $60, including shipping CONUS
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