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For sale is a blazer perfect for summer weather–totally unstructured light blue linen from Polo Ralph Lauren. Size small, but measures out to approximately a size 38L. Functional cuffs, patch pockets, soft shoulder, and a 3-roll-2 setup. Only partially lined, as seen in the pictures, this is a perfect light and breezy blazer for the warm months ahead. Color is probably best represented in the picture I took with it on. Measurements S-2-S: 18" BOC: 31.25" P-2-P:...
Hey guys, I'm trying to whittle down my tie collection, so I have a pink raw silk tie from Bloomingdale's for sale. Handsewn and made in the USA. I snipped the tags off and never wore it. See pictures for the best description. It's 3" wide by 58" long, very slubby, and ties a nice knot. $55 $45 $30 including shipping CONUS. This will be the final drop. Grey and navy blue are SOLD.
For sale is a Holliday & Brown neat tie with a navy base and a repeating silver flower pattern. The tie has a beautiful hand and ties a great knot, but I never wear it and it's looking for a new home. 100% silk and in excellent condition, with no pulls, marks, or stains. I don't think I even ever wore it out of the house. 4"x59" $55 $45 $30 including shipping CONUS. This will be the final drop.
I have a tie for sale that I simply haven't gotten around to wearing. Bought it off another member a while ago, and it still has the tag on it, though it's been marked to prevent returns. The original MSRP was $125. Really beautiful cashmere/silk (70/30) fabric in a rich camel color. 4"x58" $55 including shipping CONUS
No problem Jag; I've uploaded a couple more pictures as requested.
Up for sale is a brand new with tags Swaine Adeney Brigg umbrella in dark forest green with Malacca handle. Nylon canopy. Smoked MOP closure. Beautiful craftsmanship and a very versatile color. Perfect to pair with workwear and casual clothes. I believe this is the same umbrella on SAB's website, where it is listed for £275, or roughly $420: http://www.swaineadeney.co.uk/products/m_mal_u/index.html Asking $275 $255 including shipping CONUS. Shipping elsewhere available at...
This is a joke, right? He's talking about shoes.Wish I could help you, JL. JBCohen was inadvertently correct–the 10 1/2/11E 606 refers to the size and last. I imagine the 28615 is a model number, but I'm not sure which model it refers to. I'm sure there are some EG experts in a thread that could help you out though.
Thanks, Spurious. I thought so, too. Don't know why I keep going back to this guy. He usually does ok work, but is just a hassle to deal with more often than not.
Hey guys, just had the heel on a pair of Allen Edmonds fixed up. The rubber was coming off on both heels, so I took them to my cobbler to get that replaced.When I got home, as I was putting them away I noticed the shoes are extremely unbalanced. When the heel is flat, the soles are off the ground, and when the soles are flat on the ground, only the very front of the heel is touching the ground. See the pictures below for what I mean. And this is with shoe trees in the...
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