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Maybe because you're wearing a heavy or close-weaved cotton (or both)? Won't matter if your jacket is unlined if the cloth doesn't breathe.
That's pretty restrained; the jacket's right patch pocket isn't even contrasting. [/sarcasm]
Bought a light blue rugby, silver cufflinks, and a linen pocket square from KW a month or two ago. Had a really great experience. When the rugby came, the button on the left sleeve placket was pretty high up, near the cuff. I wasn't sure if it was a defect, because honestly it was a pretty small thing. Still, I emailed KW, and he sent a replacement rugby by the end of the week. Kent was generous enough to let me keep both. Really love the fit of the rugby, so I'm even...
Concur with Lefty. Truth is, Dublin isn't a particularly "Irish" city, when compared to the stereotypical (in a good way) vision of the Emerald Isle. You should be able to get to Doolin in around 3 hours by car, which is on the west coast and a good base for hiking the Cliffs of Moher. Galway is even closer, and the Aran Islands are a fun day trip on the ferry from Galway. Alternatively, Connemara National Forest is just west of Galway, and makes for a really beautiful...
I only spent a day there during my trip, so I don't have many recommendations. The Guinness factory was very neat, even if it is a rather obvious suggestion.
Where are you planning to go, and how long will you be there for? My brother, a friend of ours, and I spent a week going up the west coast, starting in Dingle and ending in Galway. Really beautiful country.
Not a great shot, and no full fit, but I've been telling myself I should start posting here more. Obviously not much to critique, but this is a combo I wear often, and any thoughts on patterns and color would be helpful.
Arnathor, I like the look in general, but I think it could use some color somewhere. For such a uniformly light palate, it doesn't look nearly as washed out as I would have imagined, but some color would be a nice touch. Additionally, looks like the jacket is a touch big, and the pants could probably be tapered for such a high break. Lastly, and someone can correct me if I'm wrong about this, but the jacket should be fastened the other way. At least, I have never seen a...
That would be awesome. I've been really struggling to nail down why certain collars look so much better than others, and have been experimenting with different heights myself.
I dig that shirt collar, Clapey.
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