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Agree. Pants with no break need a pretty slim opening. I really like the color combo though, and that jacket is great.
UBR, thanks for the suggestion. I think I'm already doing that, but I'll give it a try when I get home. Any specific knots that work well for lightly lined ties though?
Anybody have a good knot suggestion for a Drakes ancient madder? I picked this one up during the Exquisite Trimmings sale and am having trouble getting it to tie a good knot. It seems to be very lightly lined, if at all, which is why I think I'm struggling to get a FIH or DFIH to work. Any ideas?
Hey guys, I have a pair of Tellason for Neu! for sale. Only 110 pairs were made; these are number 31. White Oak Cone Denim with a red selvedge id. Only worn a few times; really no visible wear. If you don't know Neu!, they're a Japanese retailer crazy about denim. They put out a video about these jeans; you can see it here: I should note that I think the jeans in the video are the second cut; the ones offered here are first cut. Waist:...
Hey guys, I have a NWOT Drake's beige check tie for sale. 3.25" by 58". I just recently picked up another Drake's that is very similar and don't need two of the same design. Tried it on once inside the house and never even wore it out. 100% silk and excellent quality. Asking $75 $70, including shipping CONUS.
That's a great price. Would love to try them out before prices start rising.
Wow that is gorgeous.
I'll echo what everyone else said about the color being too light. It's just too informal a color for such a formal suit. And it makes the contrasting collar (a detail I like when tuxes are midnight blue) look odd. Additionally, the jacket looks to be a little short, and the waist just a tad too suppressed.
RDiaz, Simon Crompton just authored an article about panamas at the Financial Times' How to Spend It website that you might be interested in: Good timing.
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