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Any chance you could post a better picture of #3? THanks!
First post on the WAYWRN...just the up close shot so obviously no indication of fit. I realize that makes it rather unremarkable, but oh well, gotta start somewhere. PS: Turnbull & Asser Tie: Drakes Shirt: Ratio Suit: Hugo Boss (I'm so ashamed)
Agreed. Besides the last issue, bluchers and saddle shoes seem a strange model for gator.
It's all about the Diagon Alley...that's where the best window shopping is.
No one's wearing burlap sacks much either. You should get one.
Hey guys, I have a pair of lightly used Moreschi Orte calfskin loafers for sale. These are somewhat similar to opera pumps, sans bow. They are marked size 11 1/2, measuring roughly 4"x12". This might seem small, but slim profile loafers tend to measure smaller than expected. They show some wear in the soles, but not much and there is plenty of life left. They are otherwise in really great condition, with normal creasing from light use. I hope somebody out there can put...
Lefty, you beat me to it...
If you're heading to Galway and can spare a day, I highly recommend heading out to the Aran Islands. It's not for tweed, but on Inis Meain is THE Aran sweater factory. It's also the most desolate of the three islands and there isn't much else to do there (besides go to a small pub and get stared at and talked about in Irish by the locals), but it's a neat experience to visit the factory and the showroom. They have lots of knitwear, not just sweaters.
These them? I don't think I would pick them up now that I've seen them for myself. These on the other hand....if only they were my size. Anybody out there looking for 11M tux shoes?
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