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Without a doubt, Treehorn. The kid doesn't need "remediation", despite your insistence to the contrary. OP, the shirt will be fine. Wear it with grey slacks, throw on a blue blazer if you can, and pick a simpler tie. Oh, and ignore the trolls. Soon enough, they'll return to whatever southpark episode they were watching before you posted this thread.
You beat me out on eBay by just a couple bucks! I admit I had less charitable intentions when I imagined the lot's resale value, so kudos, and good luck!
Shoot...two different answers from two respected posters. The idea would be to send it to TC; I tried emailing them to ask if they could do it, but I haven't heard back yet. I know that narrowing can be done, but sevenfold seems like it would be a different ballgame. Thanks to both Sanguis Mortuum and cptjeff. I think the jury is out until I hear back from TC.
Is it possible to make a sevenfold tie narrower? Like from 4" to 3.5"? Thanks!
I think coral with a dark grey suit is an odd-looking color combination. I like coral ties in general (I've had my eye on this one: http://www.samhober.com/grenadine-garza-grossa-solid-silk-ties/coral-grenadine-silk-tie-36.html), but I've always thought of pairing them with tan and navy suits. Maybe mid-grey. Just my $0.02.
Any chance you could post a better picture of #3? THanks!
First post on the WAYWRN...just the up close shot so obviously no indication of fit. I realize that makes it rather unremarkable, but oh well, gotta start somewhere. PS: Turnbull & Asser Tie: Drakes Shirt: Ratio Suit: Hugo Boss (I'm so ashamed)
In most conversations about income inequality, there's a tacit argument that inequality is necessarily unjust. I disagree. That's not to say that there shouldn't be something done about helping those who have less, but so much of the current commentary surrounding income disparities suggest that there inequality is by nature unjust, that someone's rights are being trampled. Solutions based on this faulty premise are equally flawed.
Agreed. Besides the last issue, bluchers and saddle shoes seem a strange model for gator.
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