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Thanks for the response, Pat. I'm in Chicago too so that's very helpful. My concern is that my leather soles seem to wear away faster in wet conditions. Of course those shoes haven't been double soled, and it's possible I'm just imagining it.
If they were boots, I might ask if it was an option. Is it really that ridiculous?
Do the handgrade boots come on a Dainite sole? I'm not sure if that's even a possibility with a fiddleback waist, but maybe a Dainite half sole is? Would love to pick up a pair before next winter, but a leather sole might limit their use in wet conditions.
Does anybody have a university stripe ocbd in blue/white? I'm trying to figure out the stock number so that Kamakura can tell me when they'll have those back in stock.
That's an interesting observation. Now that I look at the measurements available in the different fits, I might have to go with the TSF.
Thanks, Brad. I have a little extra room in the ESF so I might be able to make the TSF work, but I'm concerned about the armholes being too tight. I've read elsewhere in the thread that that is a problem for some. I think I'll stick with the NYSF just to be safe.
I'm thinking about ordering my first shirt from Kamakura and would like to start out with a blue stripe OCBD. I was hoping you guys could help me out with which fit is best. I take an ESF in Brooks Brothers; is that equivalent to the New York Slim Fit in Kamakura? My apologies if this has been covered elsewhere in the thread; I read through about 20 pages without finding a fit translation. Assuming that's the right fit, I can't seem to find any NYSF OCBDs in blue on the...
Are you going to hunt them down for crimes against humanity?
Too bad, although I figured that was likely the case. Regardless, thanks for the response.
Mods, is there anything that can be done to block the IPs that keep spamming the front page with these sports streaming links?
New Posts  All Forums: