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Reviving an old listing. This is my final price for a beautiful BNWT repp stripe from Arcuri.
Thanks to everybody for the feedback; I really appreciate your input. I'll let you know how it turns out!
Not to derail the thread, but how do all you sellers handle buyers who have no history on the forum (no rep, no posts, no feedback, no nothing)? I haven't had anything but good communication and prompt action from the buyer, but I'm still somewhat concerned there could be problems on the back end of the transaction. If anybody has thoughts they want to share without sidetracking this thread, please PM me.
For your consideration, I have for sale a navy Suit Supply Napoli suit size 38R. I recently purchased it from another forum member, but unfortunately I needed the 38S, so now I am selling this one. According to the previous owner it has only been worn 1-2 times. I can confirm that it is in excellent condition, and I have not worn it except to try it on. This is a perfect year-round business suit, made from Vitale Barberis Canonico super 110s. Please reference the...
From what I can tell, they are.
I was at a bachelor party back in August at a house outside Denver that belonged to the brother of one of the other groomsmen. The brother and his family were out of town that weekend and let us use it. After several hours of drinking and poker on Friday night most of us decided to turn in around 2am except for three guys. When we woke up in the morning, I stepped outside to take in a beautiful Colorado morning, and realized when I came back in that the place reeked, and I...
Thanks for the response, Pat. I'm in Chicago too so that's very helpful. My concern is that my leather soles seem to wear away faster in wet conditions. Of course those shoes haven't been double soled, and it's possible I'm just imagining it.
If they were boots, I might ask if it was an option. Is it really that ridiculous?
Do the handgrade boots come on a Dainite sole? I'm not sure if that's even a possibility with a fiddleback waist, but maybe a Dainite half sole is? Would love to pick up a pair before next winter, but a leather sole might limit their use in wet conditions.
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