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Thanks for the help guys, going for the shooters! I can't wait
What's up guys? I need your help with my first white sneaker purchase, which one should I kope? Canvas Converse SHOOTERS FS IV or Converse Jack Purcell White Leather
I appreciate the help a lot meso and corneliusparky!! I'll make sure to check my measurements before I make my next purchase on a shirt. I took the advice and I'm selling it on classifieds
I bought this shirt three weeks ago directly from Epaulet and I'm deciding to let it go because it's too big on me. I only tried on this shirt twice to see the fit, it has never been altered or washed, It has been just sitting in my closet in perfect condition. The measurements are Chest: 20" Sleeves from back: 35.5" Sleeves from shoulder: 26" Shoulder: 18" Length: 30" If you have any...
I bought this Epaulet shirt in medium a few weeks ago and it's a bit baggy, but the collar fits snug. My dad said the shirt suppose to fit like that and it's nothing to worry about. I took his advice and waited too long that now I can't exchange it for a smaller size. I want to go to a professional tailor to get it fitted perfectly, is it possible? If I take it to the tailor what do I ask them to do? Note: I'm a fashion noob and never been to a tailor, so please take it...
Received my first epaulet shirt yesterday and I wanted to thank you guys! The quality is amazing and the shipping was lighting fast! Will be doing business again
Cool Story bro
Had a great experience with changy, excellent communication, fast shipping, and beautiful shoes! Highly recommended!
This info is from the We just received a small shipment of Alden Indy Boots. 405 -- Original Brown $349.95 Sizes: 7.5 D, 8.5 D, 9D, 10D, 10.5D, 11D, 11.5D, 12D, 6.5E, 7E, 7.5E, 8E, 8.5E, 9E, 9.5E, 10E, 10.5E, 11 E, 12 E 403 --Brown Chrome Excel $379.95 Sizes: 7D, 7.5 D, 8 D, 9 D, 10 D, 10.5 D, 11 D, 12 D, 6E, 7E, 8E, 10 E 974 -- Cordovan #8 Wing Tip $499.95 Sizes: 10 D Email us if you're interested -...
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