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Let's hope not.
Nice shirt NOBD. Do you get hit by customs with the shirts from Luxire?
Could the StyleforumRobot get a single thread to subscribe to, instead of multiple "loose" threads?
I like the jacket very much. What is it?
That's fine, but what does the text in the picture say?
Sorry, now I noticed the answer to glenjay. So the 4 ounce is equivalent to 1,60 mm. I thought that some of the Vass shoes I have seen have looked a little thin in the leather, but apparently it is probably average?
Speaking of leather thickness, what is the best thickness for calf upper leather? (and other leathers?) I can see that Vass uses 1,5 mm thick leather: (Scroll down) Of course there is a natural limit to how thick the leather can be, but is the thickness chosen as a balance of durability and flexibility?
Bump. ^Good questions. SF lacks an all-encompassing tie thread. To my knowledge the closest thing is the soporific tie thread, but, as the name implies, it has a narrow focus. Edit: Forgot to link to these useful articles:
No, that was ManofKentucky.
Nice jacket Joshua. What is it?
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