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That does not look good, but you should give SAB a chance to rectify it before you make a public post about it. I hope everything will be fine.
The ship looks great. Did you paint it yourself?
I look forward to see what sounds like some very well-made items and unique makeups. I read on your tumblr that many of the makers are from Europe, and as I hate to be hit by VAT and customs when buying from the U.S., I thought It would be nice if it was possible for European customers (i. e. me) to have purchases sent directly from within the E.U. to avoid these extra expenses. Just a thought. Best of luck with the project.
Moo, I like that fit a lot, but perhaps it is more SW&D. I like the length of the jacket too.
Sounds nice. Do you have pictures?
We need close-ups of the crazy shoes!
I just found the thread, so thanks for the link.
Impressive collection!
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