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Great pictures Ascotshoes, however, I would suggest that you include photos of the shoes from the wearer's point of view, like this:
Good point. I should have thought of these things myself.
Thanks for the reply. I guess you are right. It's probably not worth the effort aesthetic wise or money wise. Perhaps a good excuse to get new shirts.
I liked "The Wind in the Willows."
Has anyone tried to get a tailor to put buttons on an existing shirt, making it a button down? I will ask my tailor tomorrow, but I would like to know if anyone thinks it can or can't be done.
Bridging the gap: More here:!__bang/bridge-the-gap
I like the look of that polo. Looking forward to hear more.
That sucks. At a minimum they should have offered free shipping back and forth. Sounds like SAB is going downhill.
That does sound rather messy. I hope everything works out for you. Looking forward to the pictures and an update on the outcome.
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