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Awesome coat Don Cologne, and the rest is nice as well.
Wow, great picture David Reeves!
Yikes! I'm al little bit frightened about those.
Nice boots jjl5000. Are they C&J Snowdon and Tricker's Burford? [[SPOILER]]
Damn, so the only way to get a decent pair of jeans is to go bespoke.
That is a nice casual look NOBD. What brand(s) of jeans do you like?
I don't like them. They are too much "fashion" for me, but perhaps that's what you are going for. They are definetely not a wardrobe staple.
I remember the claymation series. That was great. Another series with a lot of tweed in it was "All Creatures Great and Small." Apart from the fact that Siegfried Farnon's fly seems to have been damaged in the line of duty, this is a nice picture:
Great pictures Ascotshoes, however, I would suggest that you include photos of the shoes from the wearer's point of view, like this:
Good point. I should have thought of these things myself.
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