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Beautiful shoes Roger. Do you have a picture of them from the back?
Great quote McTits. We can come back in a year and see how many posts stitches has added to the record.
That texture....Winter is coming.
An article about Scheer:
Was that a threat Bengal?
Thanks Chogall, but I don't have the knowledge to draw any conclusions from those diagrams. My question arose because I have been looking at hiking boots, and saw some double stitched models claiming to be handcrafted here: The boots are relatively cheap compared to other handcrafted boots, e. g. Vass, so I'm not sure how good the construction is, and wondered if the stitching could be made by machine, and use gemming.
Thanks Hendrix, I will read through the thread again. I'm glad you could reassure me that Vass doesn't use gemming, and I will try to stay far far away from purely decorative stitching.
I don't care much for the tie Spoo, but the rest is great.
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