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Can anyone identify this shoe?
Activity in the actual clothing threads would drop correspondingly. Stitches alone would account for 50%
I guess I might as well x-post in this thread:
Has anyone bought luggage or bags from Herring? Their never models "Orkney" and "Stornoway" looks kinda nice:
I think glenjay's site is very useful for the terminology:
Thanks Leaves. Nice video. Great that you are offering these shoes in Scandinavia.
Thanks, I suspected as much.
I see that Bonafè's homepage describes goodyear construction as "Hand stitiching" and "The hand made shoe by definition": That is oxymorons as I understand it. Do you know if Bonafè is genuinely hand welted - like Vass, St. Crispins, various bespoke etc. - or Goodyear welted? Perhaps the term "Goodyear" has become so pervasive as a sign of quality that even hand welted shoes has to be described this way.
Thank you for your reply. I have been looking for a casual really warm sweater, and came across the Fang. I wanted something softer to cover the neck, like merino, but I like the look of this sweater. I haven't really found some chunky merino zips I like at a reaonable price. It will be good for the winters here in Denmark, and if it gets really cold I can layer it under my big parka. I think the zipper makes it very easy and versatile to wear, like you mention.
^Link to sizing? Also, has anyone got the "Fang" model? Pics, opinions? Does it scratch the neck? Thanks.
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