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Thank you for the reply, but I just received the cardigan today. It looks sorta like it has been on a hanger was what i meant.
Thank you. I suspect my problem with the shoulders may have been caused by the way the knit was folded in the package. Or that it has been on a hanger. It is hard to explain, but it was as if a fold was protruding from the sleeves. I hope it will settle down.
I just bought this in navy, also from The Bureau. Does anyone know what the buttons are made of? Also, does anyone think the fit in the shoulders are a bit off? I am broad shouldered, but it is as if the sleeves are sewn on a bit too far from the shoulders. Fit everywhere else is fine.
Old News.
Thanks for the replies on "The Downing."
What thread doesn't have shit in it? Just scroll past it.
Perhaps this one is a MTO as well from a norwegian shop: https://lillevinkelsko.no/pensko/e6188hm05-22
Cordings trousers seem to be well spoken of on the CM side. I have noticed that Butler wears them, and their corduroys. Perhaps they are not SW&D enough, I don't know.
Thanks Leaves.
Leaves, do you think the sole oil can be used to condition other parts of the shoes?
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