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You should start a new thread about that.
Nice boots. What are they?
Nice MZhammer. Do you post your own fits? I almost always like them.
Thanks. I have the Loake Pimlico on the Capital last, but in leather. I like how the Aldwych looks in suede in your picture.
@sansimeon, what are the shoes?
Thanks. Well, I still have have to decide whether I like it or not. Perhaps it is an effect of the hand linked seams that Dieworkwear mentions.
Yes it's something like that. Sleeves are made a bit puffy by the folds. Does it "settle" a bit with time?
Thank you for the reply, but I just received the cardigan today. It looks sorta like it has been on a hanger was what i meant.
Thank you. I suspect my problem with the shoulders may have been caused by the way the knit was folded in the package. Or that it has been on a hanger. It is hard to explain, but it was as if a fold was protruding from the sleeves. I hope it will settle down.
New Posts  All Forums: