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Anybody know which brand this is?
Quick question: Where can I get this belt?
last week
bumping: I'm 6'5 with 165lbs, and just wanted to add a few brands here that I had good experiences with Suits: Alexander McQueen Dolce & Gabbana Martini, as stated before Gucci Hugo Boss (although I never bought one) tried on a Tom Ford jacket that fit perfectly as well, alas...$$ Sweaters: Prada Sport Costume National John Smedley Burberry Prorsum No consistent "good fit" here though, changing seasons and changing cuts- What brands would you suggest?...
two years ago it was...
Agoria- Fabric 57
hi, I am so new I can't even send PMs, amazing! I'm interested in buying the Acne Chino, definitely! nowhere to be found anymore here in Europe... just send me an email to dieter_aumann(at) so we can arrange the transaction. would greatly appreciate it cheers! edit: sorry for the bump dieter
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