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Back when Speakers of the House knew how to dress: Tom Foley, Speaker from 1989 to 1995. During the Bush 41 years, I think he was one of the best-dressed top politicians the US has ever had: Note tab collar, collar pin, red dots on tie, white linen hank. If politicians must dress in bland suits and white shirts, this is how to do it. Foley looking senatorial, showing people how to wear a navy tie with a white bar stripe. There is no reason Paul Ryan couldn't wear...
Sorry to bump this, but do you remember the weight on this matka fabric? It's the regular matka, not their textured matka. Thanks!
Sorry, shoefan, but you are changing the elenchus. Here is the exact exchange from upthread in which you accused DWF of asserting an "incredibly inegalitarian" view:DWF: "In my personal opinion, no matter how you parse it, "sometimes a lower cost solution delivers lower product quality (e.g. GYW); the question then becomes: how much lower cost vs how much lower quality, i.e. is that trade off a reasonable one? That is a judgement that a company needs to make; they will...
You might have better luck in this thread.
There's no opposition whatsoever between pumps and a DB dinner jacket.
You might have better luck finding suggestions in this thread. Are you sure that you need an expensive shawl collar cardigan more urgently than you need another odd jacket?
I'm sorry to harp on this, but it is NOT "incredibly inegalitarian" to say that less expensive methods are of lower quality. That is just calling a spade a spade. No judgments are being made about people's relative worth or deservingness of equal standing. Fact and value are inter-related, but this is taking the inter-relation too far.
Another principle: it is always dangerous to have the ground of the shirt match in hue, saturation, and shade a major secondary in the coat (unless dead white, ivory, or similar). This falls afoul of the principle, because the blue check is so major:
Continuing with the ball strap theme, here's some calf and suede numbers:
More Trudeau: the sexual revolution is on: And here is a child of that revolution: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: Sartorially, the apple fell a long away from the tree.
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