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I don't feel that it is appropriate to share this private correspondence especially if the intent is to demean the person.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pundit Do yourself a favor and try the best, John's Roast Pork (behind Lowe's on Delaware Ave.) not fancy at all but the best steak sandwich in town (on Carangi bread -- not Amorosa). Once you're sold on the steak try the roast pork -- you'll have trouble deciding what to order after that. Leave Geno's and Pat's for the tourists and early AM partiers. I like the cuts of their meats but feel that their rolls...
While I am not Irish and do not know if it actually has anything to do with Ireland my favorite soap is Irish Spring which I have been using since I was in high school.
Today I had a pizza steak at Tony Luke's with sharp provolone. The sharp cheese is an extra charge but I feel that it is worth the price. A couple of the ladies who work at the window in the early evenings know me and sometimes they upgrade my cheese for free; I can't help but to feel that this is unethical but I don't say anything to them as I don't want to insult their kindness which I do appreciate.
Is he the same Mondavi as the watchmaker?
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher Where the hell did you get this???? Well mine is an old Hamilton watch which I inherited but I believe that their are many watches still being made which are of the size which are appropriate to be worn under a suit in a business environment; I can think of Timex off-hand which are very affordable.
Tony Luke's cuts their steaks daily and I feel they deliver the highest quality cheese steak not to mention roast port sandwiches and many other Philadelphia specialties.
Is this car considered to be retro?
Since a watch should only be seen by you when you are checking the time in a professional business environment I think the most important quality to consider is that it is small enough that an outline of the watch cannot be seen under your shirt in the rare instance that you are without your jacket.
Is the bamboo used synthetic or natural?
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