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Is anyone else watching this? I wonder if Betty will decide to go to Rome or Illinois.
Today I had a pastrami sandwich ala cheesesteak; I don't feel that I can recommend it although it was interesting.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dedalus I prefer Tony Luke's. Excuse me but have you tried a cheeseteak at Tony Luke's with sharp Provolone?
Quote: Originally Posted by FIHTies The syntax of this is all off. Happened to have kept or, Happen to keep. As you are referring to something that happened in the past the correct would be happened to have kept. Unless you meant, that that it happened one time that you kept that toad etc. i.e. as a fluke one time in your life it so happened that you did keep etc... Am I getting through to you? Like Manton I am beginning to think...
Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS That question just made me have a catharsis. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm much better now. You are not the only one, I happened to keep a Horned Toad in my terrarium as a youth and haven't thought about him in a long while.
Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS Alright, Joseph K. Bank, I take back my half-assed apology. You're either a troll or coincidentally the "dumb bitch" that the thread was originally referring to. Are you, by chance, a tranny? May I ask you what pain you have encountered in your life to speak about me and this lady with such anger and disrespect?
Quote: Originally Posted by FIHTies Clearly the SF family has some of the aforementioned peeps. And yes, I am feeling better, thanks for asking. (did you even get what I meant BTW or did it whizz right over your head? I suspect the latter.) If by Peeps you mean the marshmallow Easter candies I don't understand the context but that wouldn't be a first. I don't mean to be hypocritical and point out the flaws in another person's writing...
Have you considered that you flex your foot too much when walking? I have noticed that the creases on shoes generally develop at the front of the shoe as people unnecessarily deform their footwear because of an unnecessary spring in their step.
For a professional business environment I don't feel that bow ties are appropriate considering that they leave so much open space between your neck and the top button of your jacket; in my opinion it's almost like not wearing a tie at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by dl20 This chick is an idiot straight up. dl I don't see why you have to make your point using such a derogatory word. I feel that if you had a mentally disabled person in your family that you and others in this thread would be more sensitive to the language they use.
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