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Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater Why would it be improper to change the lyrics without permission of the artist? I feel that out of respect for the artist's personal vision permission should be asked before making changes to their lyrics as it could change the meaning which they intended.
While I don't find Rachael Ray to be a food professional or appropriate personality for the Food Network I don't feel that she should be called a terrorist. I have heard rumors in the past about her using EVOO as a sort of political message but not in relation to a terrorist group.
I have always day dreamed about having a live band to perform the song Lady In Red but with the word white in place of red. I do feel that it might be improper to change the lyrics without the permission of the artist who wrote the song so maybe I should start now in trying to contact them.
Quote: Originally Posted by dsholmes1 boiled peanuts are freakin delish. I bought my first watch with earnings from selling boiled peanuts. Go for it. Thank you for your encouragement and also to England who seems to understand the concept of my business model which also includes specific packaging and a uniform which I would wear. May I ask if when you were selling boiled peanuts if you had encountered any potential customers or pedestrians...
I was able to locate this image from Dig Dug on Google. Does anyone remember what would happen if you dug into that face that you can see on the screen?
I have a concern in regards to people who might have peanut allergies. I was at Five Guys Hamburgers and Fries on Chestnut St. yesterday and noticed that they have a sign asking patrons not to remove the peanuts (which they provide for free) from the premises due to people who might have allergies. If someone were to smell my boiled peanuts while passing my stand and have an allergic reaction would I be legally responsible? I remember on an episode of the TV show Freaks...
Does anyone remember the game Dig Dug? I feel that it was underrated in comparison to the more popular games of the era such as Qbert and Frogger.
Phillies opened the can of whoop ass on Hourston 15-6 damnnn straight
I F your hacving tailor problems I FEel bad for you son I have 99probles m but bespoke ain;t one.
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