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I feel that the promotion that Dunkin Donuts runs on its bags of coffee of buy one and get the second one half off is not sensitive to single people as by the time I get to the second bag it is no longer fresh. Why can't they instead price a single bag at a lower price?
Quote: Originally Posted by OxxfordSJLINY A bit OT, but what is your opinion of vested suits, Joseph? Vested suits have always been my trademark. I hope that I don't offend you but suit vests remind me of sleeveless shirts which could be psychologically offensive on a subconscious level to certain people in a business environment. I don't understand why it is called a double breasted which has a feminine connotation. I feel that double...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cordovan I agree with your remark about the sleeves on the jacket the model is wearing, but don't see how that has anything to do with your position regarding DB as acceptable business wear. Cordovan I was just trying to express that perhaps it is not appropriate for me to respond in this thread in the first place because of my overall negative opinion on double breasted suits.
Quote: Originally Posted by poelow This attached Brooks Brother's Regent fit is one I really like: Since I don't feel that double breasted suits are appropriate for business environments it's probably better that I don't comment but I cannot help to note that the shortness of this man's sleeves brings attention to his hands which seem to be out of proportion which the rest of his body.
Quote: Originally Posted by shoe how did this topic ever became a multiple page thread ?? I think it's because many of the members here have the entrepreneurial spirit.
Since I lost my job over five months ago I feel as if I have less confidence to express many of my opinions.
While I do not consider myself to officially be a feminist as I don't feel that political affiliations are appropriate under most circumstances; I do feel that her use of EVOO doesn't help to further the feminist movement as I have read that she claims it does.
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey I am curious about your uniform. Are you sure it is correct to call it a uniform if you are the only employee? I thought the word uniform implies a garment that is identical in fundamental appearance across the many people wearing it. With only one employee, your dress would really be more correctly termed a logo for or, generically, a symbol of your enterprise. I am open to the possibility that I am mistaken and that...
(please excuse me)
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