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I don't feel that the use of bad language in any way helps the speaker communicate more effectively.
I feel that if it is a good quality beer like Yuengling or Rolling Rock it would be a waste to water it down with a flavored beverage.
I often keep an extra paper napkin from Starbucks or Panera Bread in my jacket's inner pocket to use when it is needed.
I remember a large billboard on I 95 near Philadelphia saying: "The Wedding Was Great But What About The Marriage?" I believe it was sponsored by a religious organization. I am not a religious person but I do agree with the sentiment it expressed and with that said I would like to wish you the best of luck with your marriage and hope that you work on it with the same if not greater effort that I many of us put into our wardrobes.
I am on a tight budget but yesterday I purchased a David Leadbetter cardigan in solid navy.
Quote: Originally Posted by lpresq Mr. Bank has failed to provide any further information or updates regarding this wacky peanut operation. For ex., with the initial start-up costs such as a peanut cart??, apparently uniforms, overhead, and insurance for those ghastly sickened by the boiled concoction, how many nuts would need to be sold to turn a profit? Dma,n son you wantto STEAL MY IDEA?
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 fine i have a slogan...hear me out.... Joseph K bank.....i boil my nuts...and you pay me to put them in your mouth. what is wrong with that, its everything you want right? I feel that your slogan simplifies the product. The peanuts are not simple boiled as they are seasoned during their preparation which included boiling. Maybe it would be better if I introduced them to the Northeast as stewed peanuts so to...
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked May be Sator will chime in on this with his brilliant insights, but my impression is that baggier dress pants have about as much similarities with classic menswear as slimmer ones. There's no one look that has stayed consistent throughout the last few centuries, and the pendulum keeps swinging back and forth between two sides of the spectrum. The current affinity of the general population (in America) towards the more...
Quote: Originally Posted by TIEALIGN Here are some Incotex wool pant pics for you...the pants have a much nicer cut and construction than any pair of Savane I apologize if it offends anyone who wears Incotex pants but to my eye these look like tight fitting jeans. I feel that it is more appropriate for a pair of dress pants to look tailored without being snug.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hummingbird The photo I posted is of the Chino-Lino which is a casual pant. Dress pants have similarly sharp cuts. Look at the way the cotton drapes on the Savanes. It reeks of Dockers. Once you see the pants in person, if you have any shred of taste and judgement, you'll be a convert. Savane is sold at JCPenneys for a reason. I am sorry but I don't wear CHinos which both those pants look likeI prefer wool or...
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