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When I wear a suit my purpose is to look professional which I feel is the same as looking like I am wearing a suit.
The Iron Skillet and Old Country Buffet are very similar to Sizzler but I find they lack something in atmosphere and don't offer the same diversity of buffet selections.
I hang my pants using clip hangers attached to the inside bottom portions of the pockets. This way the outside fabric isn't being pinched.
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman Trendy? Criminy, I thought I lived in the sticks.... Around here, Cracker Barrel is mainly an alternative for families and seniors. I've eaten there, and it's, you know, ok, but not exactly a culinary destination. I don't know if it's because of the popularity of the celebrity southern chef Paula Dean but in the Philadelphia area the Crackle Barrels always have over an hour wait on weekends if you didn't...
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman Sizzler, I believe, had quite a few scandals of the health nature. Plus, it's gimmick/brand/style just got old, and new gimmicks took it's place. Many people I know find it trendy to go to Crackle Barrel for brunch on the weekend but I am generally too hungry for the wait which is usually extensive.
I Like Yuengling the best but wasn't affordable for drinking on a daily basis when I had to travel frequently outside of the tristate.
What do you intend to carry in the bag?
Quote: Originally Posted by zarathustra Screw the sizzler. Teh Ponderosa is the shizmo!! I have been to the Ponderosa on a couple of occasions but don't think they have as a diverse selection as I remember Sizzler having.
Quote: Originally Posted by trajan What do you think of the styling of these shoes by John Lobb? thanks, --trajan The finish on the second pair looks plasticy. Maybe they are made from over corrected grain leather?
Quote: Originally Posted by Dandy Highwayman Your collar points look very short. I hope you don't take that as a criticism.
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