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On a handful of occasions when I have had to get up extra early for an important meeting I have actually gone to the trouble of knotting my tie the night before. In each of these situations it saved time while still allowing me to feel confident that my knot was to the consistent standard of professionalism that I work to make my signature.
I think that many of the people who criticize Jos. A. Bank have not actually been in their stores or tried on the garments sold there; but they are rather reacting to things they have heard from friends or co-workers who may not think it is cool to shop at such a conservative minded place.
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 It's not a wholecut. It's got a swan's neck seam. I don't like throats without stitching unless it is a wholecut, so this shoe doesn't really appeal to me. The color of these is not very consistent; they almost blend in with that old wood table.
I think that the real secret to pattern matching at least in a business environment (which I assume that this contest is based on); is to not actually wear more than one distinct pattern in a single ensemble. So if you are wearing a patterned shirt the tie should either be solid or its pattern small enough that it can not be identified from further away than a the width of a desk. I would not consider socks in this equation as they are hidden from the eyes of others for...
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Welcome back my friend. Thank you for the warm welcome but this is my first day posting on the forum. I hope that I can contribute something worthwhile to the discussions on the forum particularly those about business dress and professional conduct in the workplace.
I don't really like this look at least not for a work environment. It seems to me that both belts and shoes should be made out of leather or at least leather like material for professional purposes.
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