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Quote: Originally Posted by needshoehelp Agree. Just get it drycleaned, as I hope you would have done regardless. If this kind of stuff makes you queasy, what are you doing buying used pants on eBay in the first place? didd you read all of my post?? just becuase I needed to find a bargin doesn'yt mean I awas buying used clothes thank you yoru sing your eyes
Quote: Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife Just have a friend open the box for you, dry clean the pants (for peace of mind), and let all your troubles float away. I would feel a awkward approaching a friend to ask that. If I were to ever wear the pants around them I would be worried that they would be thinking about that hair when they saw the pants.
Maybe I am overreacting but I feel that if you were to receive a package with this type of hair prominently on display under the packing tape you might be hesitant to open the package.
I am generally not the type who shops online but due to being unemployed I began to look on eBay for a bargain on a pair of taupe pants in a light weight wool. After finding a nice pair that were new and would fit without alteration given their measurements I bid and won the pants. The problem is that when I received the package last week under the clear packing tape which held on the address label was stuck a hair. I don't want to be impolite in describing it but I will...
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey That is a fair point, but my superiors wear French cuffs and I feel that my wearing them shows deference without being presumptuous. I may be wrong, which I will find out in my annual review. I was let go two months ago but my regional manager at my previous employment often wore French cuffs but referred to them as being "folded cuffs". I don't recall what type of cuff links he wore but I believe they were...
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey What do you think of the button cufflinks? They are certainly good quality buttons. I am not sure the golden thread is that good, though. "Golden" seems like the kind of word you use to make something that isn't gold sound like it is. That is certainly unprofessional in my book. Also, the golden thread is a bit too high-contrast with the white buttons, which is a bit of a flashy, unprofessional look for suits. At...
It is hard to decide but I am going with these five not in any order: 1.) Foghat - Slow Ride 2.) Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear The Reaper 3.) Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water 4.) Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song 5.) Van Halen - Running With The Devil
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. huh? I just mean that many of her designs look feminine and wouldn't be suitable for a business environment.
I don't mean her any disrespect but I feel that many of her items don't look appropriate for a professional male.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheIdler When talkin' Sizzler, I think we need to mention two keys to their success: that cheesy, buttery toast and the Malibu chicken. Unhealthiest "chicken" dish ever? It was strange that they named that Malibu chicken as I don't think it is at all like California cuisine. I remember that it was fried and topped with ham and cheese and finished with a mayonnaise style sauce. It seemed like an interesting...
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