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Quote: Originally Posted by Dandy Highwayman Your collar points look very short. I hope you don't take that as a criticism.
Does anyone remember the Sizzler chain restaurant with buffet service? While I have seen them in other parts of the country the one near where I grew up closed many years ago. It makes me wonder why when restaurants such as the Iron Skillet and Crackle Barrel seem to do so well in the same vicinity.
Quote: Originally Posted by airgold10 Hi..looking for a nice pair of shoes to do hospital rounds in. Will be standing on my feet most of the day, so comfort is of upmost importance. Semi-dressy would be nice, something appropriate with a white coat and dress pants. Looking around 100 dollars, will be willing to spend more if its a good investment. Any ideas? I would like to recommend any of the classic Bostonian styles that have the 2pod...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton You should appreciate this, they actually have tissue in the sleeves. Stuffed in their by the cleaner. That is a good idea. Do they roll the tissue paper into a cylinder shape or crumple it up a little to provide more structure?
I saw a pair of shoes at the Saks Fifth Avenue outlet store by the name of Ted Baker which also had a similar design on the sole.
Aside from the collar styles which I won’t comment on; these shirts look very similar to those sold at Joseph A. Bank, Brooks Brothers and other high quality business attire retailers.
I feel that the toe is a little too square for a professional environment but would work with dark jeans or a pair of un-creased Docker style pants in a non-khaki tone.
I have not seen this show yet. I hope it doesn't degrade the participants like the show Hell's Kitchen which I found to be offensive and not entertaining. I cannot understand why like to see strangers get yelled at and humiliated on TV.
I really don't see much difference which is probably a good thing. I hope you don't mind me pointing out that your shoe trees appear to fit the shoes on the loose side.
I recently watched $50,000 Pyramid on the Game Show Network (GSN) for the first time since I was probably in grammar school. I remember that it was on where I grew up on the East Coast sometime in the afternoon; around when the cartoon Starblazers aired. I cannot say that I really enjoyed any of those daytime game shows but whenever I have the opportunity to catch them on the GSN I find that they really have the ability to bring back some memories of days spent mid...
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