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I cannot help but to feel the effects of this economy on how I dress. It doesn't help that I have not been able to find financing for my business venture or for that matter have found a job after being out of work for so long. I have always felt that if I dressed for the position in life that I was striving for that it would be as if I already had one leg in the trousers of that lifestyle and it would be that much easier to reach certain sets of goals. I have even caught...
I was hoping someone could share a safe way to iron non-iron pants. I am not sure that using a thin cloth between the iron and pants would provide enough protection to the fabric and the non-iron treatment. Has anyone tried this or a similar method?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac You can't make espresso via drip. Sounds like you are making plain drip coffee. I feel that the method I use tastes and looks like a cup of espresso made by a machine.
Has anyone else made espresso at home with a paper filter? I pack the coffee between three filters and make a drip style espresso.
I have found that if you treat a tie with Scotchgard spray not only does it help the material resist stains it also unties more smoothly resulting in less wrinkles.
Quote: Originally Posted by garmentmerchant Not neccisarily funny but you have to be engaging. People have to want to watch you. Noone will watch someone who is monotoned and boring. Do you think their is a accurate way for a person to determine if they are engaging? I do feel that when I speak directly with people that I have the majority of their attention.
Do you think it is necessary to have a well developed sense of humor to be a successful Food Network host? I often see their most popular stars laughing so I guess that they are considered to be funny or have a good sense of humor. I don't think that I posses this trait as I really can't remember the last time I had a good laugh. Do you think this is a major obstacle in the way of my becoming a host of a Cooking related program? I do feel that Mr. Yan of Yan Can Cook had a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton You guys have obviously never been to Arthur Avenue. This is not new, Eric. Sorry. Actually once when I was visiting my uncle we ate at an Italian restaurant on Arthur Avenue named Dominick's. I don't remember seeing a tie like this but many of the men in the restaurant were dressed very similarly to the men of Italian descent from where I grew up in South Philadelphia.
Are you sure you are not thinking of Francisco fabric? It was once explained to me by an employee at Nordstrom that it refers to a coarse but lightly woven fabric that is suitable for the climate of a place like San Francisco; where it can go from being warm in the afternoon to chilly in the evenings.
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc Anybody else who grew up in the 80's remember the Cosby Show Episode where Bill Cosby and Theo go to buy a new car? Bill doesn't want the car salesman to know he's a doctor and so dresses and acts like he can barely pay anything, so that he'll get a better deal. Then, Gilbert Godfried shows up and starts yelling, "Dr. Huxtible!!!" (sp?) and then precedes to tell the car salesman all about the Doctor, his lawyer...
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