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I don't mean to be disrespect anyone's tastes but I don't consider these cartoons from the 90s to be true Saturday morning cartoons.
I feel that it is a very professional style. I wish Jos. A Bank would offer their Traveler point collar dress shirts with a breast pocket.
Quote: Originally Posted by matadorpoeta the barbarian type man was he-man, but that was an after-school cartoon. i liked the smurfs and looney tunes/bugs bunny cartoons. also, the old popeye. The barbarian cartoon which I was thinking about is not He-Man. I remember He-Man very well as I would avoid watching it as I was assaulted by my neighbors son with his BattleCat which he pegged me in the head with from that point on I developed an...
After looking at that thread about a cartoon which I didn't reckonize I began to think about the Saturday morning cartoons which I watched and enjoyed so much. The first one that came to mind was Dungeons and Dragons. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfif5DiGMYc A number of my other favorite cartoons I cannot remember the names of including one where these troll looking people would drive on chopper motorcycles and another involving a barbarian type man with light saber...
I feel that classic American style is the same as professional business style and it might actually be an international standard.
I feel that it's rude when at a sports bar when a person sitting near you at the bar requests the bartender to change the TV channel without considering if the people around them are interested in watching the current channel.
Although I still feel that Conn. should apologize to his roommate and corrected the geographical mistake my conduct was really out of line. While I understand you are from CT which neighbors New York I know it's not right to call you names because you don't know that a portion of Long Island is part of New York City. Their is plenty I don't know about the neighboring state Delaware even though I have grown up in Philadelphia which is very close.
I hope this doesn't seem as if I am bragging but I actually met Mr. Yan when I was in middle school and had my wok signed by him. He was doing a promotional tour and one of the stops was at the Gallery mall in Philadelphia. I reluctantly told him I had actually prepared Chinese influenced cheese steaks in the wok, he laughed a little but seemed genuinely interested in the recipe. To make the signing I had to skip school and nearly had my wok stolen on the way home by some...
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara How many bottles have you polished off so far? 3 today? How many counties are i in Long Island arerin NYC yo u dummy
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