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Quote: Originally Posted by quevola "Remember it's called stir-fry not stare-fry." I enjoyed Yan's sense of humor as much as his recipes and I am generally not a comedy type person.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton It's somewhat of an inside joke. The above-it-all highbrowns on the FNB forum -- that haven of impartially moderated, commercial free discourse on men's clothes -- like to make fun of jcusey's hair. Hilarious! I am sorry to hear that. I have had a similar experiences in real life so I know how that can effect a person.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC I think he was too busy fixing his hair to answer them. I'm sorry but I don't understand what hair has to do with my situation.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher I haven't seen jcusey in quite a while. He never answered my emails about my registration suspension. Is he on a personal leave?
Does anyone know if Jusey is registered here?
Quote: Originally Posted by Musselma It was more froth (bullshit and fluff) than beer (real substance). Better now? I don't agree with that statement at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by Concordia More froth than beer. I never saw YAn druinkiing
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara This afternoon, he insisted repeatedly that Long Island is a part of NYC. I laughed at first, figuring it was a joke (keep in mind that he is from Queens). He got a bit angry and said, "Don't test me man, I am from the city." ( COnn Long ISland IS a part of NYC . DIOdn't tgehy teach you geo at Choat??
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Why, because they were live-action shows scheduled for Sunday afternoons? I am speaking about the Saturday morning cartoon genre which isn't made up of all the cartoons shown on Saturday mornings. In my opinion they stopped showing Saturday morning cartoons around 1989-1990.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara He thought that all of Long Island was within "New York City" borders. Excuse me but that is not the sentiment I gathered from your previous statement and I cannot help but to feel that you are not being honest about the situation.
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