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Is Southern French architecture a 50/50 mixture of French and Southern elements?
I wasn't a member of Ask Andy for a long period of time but I didn't find that many people there were very interested in a true professional business style that utilized Joseph A. Bank's clothes in the appropriate way.
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 You can't beat Scooby-Doo for cartoon. How do you feel about the episodes with celebrities such as the Three Stooges?
Quote: Originally Posted by Brad ^You've consumed some stellar beers. Thank you but I only drank one or two of those. They are bottles I have collected in the last few months for display.
What was the song of that crazy video from Green Day? I think they were in a mental health facility.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter I once was in a meeting with some italian guy who basically forced me to eat sevarl courses based on broccoli rabe. after that, you could wrap it in mozzorella, beer batter it, deep fry it and serve it on the belly of a hot stripper, and I still wouldn't eat it. That actually sounds like a good idea for an appetizer similar to jalapenos poppers.
Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 Sounds tasty. I love sharp provolone, although I am not a huge rabe fan. What kind of bread are we talking about here? Maybe a portuguese roll? It's traditionally served on a Philadelphia style Italian roll. If you look up Tony Luke's which is in Philadelphia you can see photos of this sandwich.
I wouldn't call it a crib as it's just a room that I am currently renting while I figure out my employment situation.
I suffer from high cholesterol and now only consume certain foods such as breakfast meats (scrapple/Taylor ham/bacon) twice a week.
Was anyone not allowed to watch Saturday morning cartoons by their parents for political reasons?
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