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Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman I have never had a frozen pizza. Some sense of civility must be maintained. While I have not met them in person I don't feel that the people who responded to this poll are uncivil.
Did anyone else make English Muffin pizzas? I am not English but these were popular in my house growing up.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 we had bi-annual pizza and hot dog parties at my catholic school. We had that also at my school but I think it was every other month. Were your hot dogs boiled?
Growing up the only available frozen pizzas in my local supermarket was Ellio's which were rectangular and Stouffers French Bread pizza. It is hard to say which one I preferred. When I was attending Catholic school they would serve Ellio's at lunch on certain days. Stouffers I feel represented a more ethnic style pizza and in some ways seemed more sophisticated I think it was also more expensive so I was not able to eat it as often.
Rolling Rock is still my favorite mainly for its smoothness and balanced flavor.
Last Friday I met a German man at the Capital Grill when I went there to find a napkin for my collection as the last one I found had an unattractive ring mark from the glass that must of been sitting on it. As we were discussing boutique fast food chains in the US he told me that he is planning on opening a place similar to Waffle House in Germany by the name of Waffle Haus. He said that the menu would be similar but offer different meat options such as a specialty called...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano I've missed you Joseph. Where have you been? I have been busy working in the food service industry while trying to get back to a more professional employment.
I feel that it does not reflect well on me as a professional to speak about the subject I was wondering if any other member here also enjoyed smashing inanimate objects when they were younger? I do not know why but I often would retrieve TVs (many black and white models) from my neighbors garbage and find a safe place to smash them as I found it to be enjoyable at that time of my youth. Although I would always collects the parts afterwards to dispose of them properly I...
Quote: Originally Posted by reilly.jake Can't you use toilet paper instead of seat covers? I know a person who does janitorial work at upper tier fast food restaurants and he is instructed by his supervisor to roll back up the toilet paper in the dispenser even if the end is touching the floor in order to save money. I personally feel that it is not sanitary to use many of the products provided in public restrooms.
Quote: Originally Posted by munna why not just lay down toilet paper on the seat before you sit down? I feel that the sanitary paper provided in many public restrooms is not very hygienic.
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