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Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Are you talking actual cheese, or cheese product? The cheese product is ever so good, and has a great shelf life. Do you consider Kraft Singles to be a cheese or cheese product? I think it is made the same way that a cheddar or brie is but individually wrapped after it has been sliced.
Quote: Originally Posted by IndianBoyz I don't know. There's great cheeses that are machine wrapped over here, so there's no need for me to get individually wrapped ones. The individually wrapped cheese singles are good, sometimes when cheese is kept in the same bag together it can stick and break apart when you try to remove a single slice; especially if it was cut thinly which I prefer.
I once had a good falafel hoagie in Philadelphia.
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Are individually wrapped cheese singles available in the Netherlands?
The responses so far do not seem very serious. I don't feel that being unprofessional is the way to convince anyone that I am serious about the job. I would be willing to work only for tips or for free even as I am being paid by a German company who will be opening a similar themed restaurant chain in Germany but I don't think that suggesting either would be practical.
I have moved down to North Carolina to apply for jobs at various local Waffle Houses but have found it difficult to get a position. Most of the managers have said that they feel that I am over qualified for the positions and would not fit in with Waffle House clientele although I have tried to reassure them that I am loyal to the brand and am very enthusiastic about their products. Has anyone here had a similar experience while seeking employment? I have even gone as far...
Although I do like jalapeno poppers on the whole I am not that fond of Mexican cuisine either. On numerous occasions I have eaten at upper scale Mexican chain restaurants such as South of the Boarder, Chevys and when I was younger Chi-Chi's which I think went out of business and was never very impressed with my meals although I did enjoy certain aspects of them. I feel that many of the dishes combine too many ingredients on one plate and it becomes hard to eat. For...
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman Still, we never had frozen pizza simply because it was cheap -- my mother always maintained that she could better stretch the budget making things from scratch than buying it prepared (which at least at that time seemed to be true). Since my father worked, she had the time to add the value into the product rather than a factory, and thus saved some there. These days efficiencies are such that it may no longer be the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman I entirely agree. I am glad you agree because I feel that because a person couldn't afford to go to Pizza Hut or maybe was only able to afford bread sticks at Little Caesars it doesn't make them less civilized.
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