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Late Whiskey and Watch Wednesday submission
Looking good, AAF! Just happened to be wearing LS's American Longwing today.
For those who missed out on the J.Crew black cordovan perf. tip bluchers, they are back up on their website. The price has not been changed.
Leffot has some new shoes and boots up for pre-order
Looks like Alden SF did so as well, but they forgot to take down the Whiskey and Cigar LHS.
Thanks, viole! They are from Alden Madison Avenue.
Whiskey Chukkas today.
I was charged $180, but it is because I had them refinish the leather as well. There was a part of the boot that was getting really rough and looked like it was cracking. No amount of the method was able to fix it.This is my first pair of shoes with Dainite soles, so I don't know how they wear. I wanted Dainite because they are good for rain and light snow. I'll report back later this week as NYC is expecting some rain and possibly some snow.
Here are a few pics.dddrees: They were due for a re-sole. I wore the heck out of these.
Just got my #8 J Crew Cap Toes back from B Nelson to replace the double leather sole with Dainite soles. They did a great job! These will be my new rain shoes. Disappointed when I realized that I did not get shoe trees when I got home.
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