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I've just read this article. It's a good wee read folks.
Hi all, I'm trying to find out if anyone has purchased the Ashby jacket? I purchased one a few months ago. I really love it, however, the only problem I have with it is the lining in the sleeves and shoulders. It seems to be nylon, making it really difficult for air to breathe, thus making the sleeves almost 'sweaty' with condensation when worn. Does anyone else have this issue? Thanks in advance if anyone can reply to this... cheers.
Hi, I'm trying to find a reputable place that sells Tom Ford sunglasses online. They also need to be able to ship internationally. In particlar, I'm trying to buy a pair of Tom Ford Cary. If anyone could help me out. It would be much appreciated. Kind regards,
This is a late reply. I recently came into a beautiful bespoke Scabal Cashmere-Cotton blazer. I love it. I live in New Zealand. So it's perfect for our hot summers here. However, I don't wear it that often out of fear of ruining it. How did you get on with yours?
Let me know how you get on. I love mine.
Hi Luddite, Have you received your Doran & Doran suit yet?
Is that a 12D US, or 12D UK? Thanks.
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