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Yes, the economy went to shit. Before 2007 it was like a giant undiscovered treasure field. Then the economy went down hill, and the otherwise untapped thrift market was tapped by "normal" people, who wanted to save money and buy used. The simple level of traffic increased, and the shops became "sellers market" savvy, and started hiking prices because they could do so, and still compete with ANY actual retail shops.
Any decent thrifts in Manhattan, or am I SOL?
Ha, yep. and 3 pairs made by these folks. Trad-o-rama. http://ead.dartmouth.edu/html/ms1191_fullguide.html
Found a thing or two today- most headed for ebay, with a few exceptionsLoro p vest Sz 40 or so, a vintage navy shirt- super heavy Melton. And 4 pairs of clan tartan flat front wool trousers with horn buttons- size 36x 30 with about 4 inches of cuff slip stitched to let out. I sense these are nos. [[SPOILER]] Also found a minty vintage cashmere overcoat [[SPOILER]] And someone suddenly decided to hate Pendleton, all roughly a 40 [[SPOILER]] And finally this swaine adeney...
Block list, why must you grow.
Schott Flight Jacket Burnt Caramel Camel Leather Mouton Collar Fur Black 42 Ben Silver Green Geometric Woven Silk Necktie Inis Meain Navy Wool Cashmere Gansey Fisherman Sweater Sz M NWOT S.N.S. Herning Stark Roll Neck Black Size L New wit
Found this odd thing on today's lunch thrifting. [[SPOILER]] Anyone have brand info? To that end, anyone capable of reading content tag? My Chinese is a little rusty.
Greetings fellows, this is a blind casting- in the market for more or less flawless Hermes / Chanel Scarves. Come at me if you have one to sell/ trade.
I have the splitting maul, have used it for 2 years and love it.
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