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This is why I'm sending several giant boxes to Spoo every week from now till probably November.
I just had a custom zip-out mouton liner and mouton collar made for my 80s Schott 125. The Schott custom dept is amazingly responsive and capable (though they didn't want to make me a custom liner out of glen check harris tweed, for some reason). Expecting it back in the next few weeks. Will share pics.
Fell behind, if this link is in fact listing by most votes- http://yorkadamsradio.upickem.net/engine/Votes.aspx?PageType=VOTING&incrementnumber=1&c=174314&sort=VOTES_DESCYou have 4 more from me- Luck!
It looks like capy to me. I have a pair of sueded capy cloves that look like that, and are very nearly smooth.
Hey sir, what size is yonder sulka cap?
A few things recentlyLord's of burlington arcade navy shawl cardigan. Thing nearly stands up on its own [[SPOILER]] Minty HF (my size) [[SPOILER]] A few ties
Ive done that at the Ritz in Dana Point, CA. But I was also carrying In-N-Out, which I eat obsessively when on on that side of the country. Good times.
A new Kent & Curwen tie for my emblematic collection. Anyone have any idea what this crest/emblem/smashed wasp is supposed to represent? I feel like i'm looking at one side of an Rorschach test. [[SPOILER]]
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