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If I examined the actual ROI, probably. The fact is that I enjoy thrifting, and do it to unwind and find nice items for myself. The profits of selling what I buy in addition to my own items probably cover what I spend on the whole. So it allows the habit to pay for itself, and I get a nice, constantly rotating wardrobe out of it.Edit, I also include the cost coverage to encompass ethrifts, which are by and large much more pricy than true thrifts.Edit to the edit. I'm also...
This formula seems to be the easiest, I now discover. I've been thrifting/hoarding/compulsively buying crap that will never fit for years; just did a massive clean out of my " I should sell this when I get around to it" room, and have started shipping off boxes to the gentleman in NY. Two main benefits: no more procrastination, and the storage room floor is becoming visible.
I see you have my red stapler...
Halfway through southern CA vacation. So far so meh. Not pictured (left in rental car, parked with valet gnome) Henry Poole evening suit and Bally cap toe brogues.More of a staple-brag than a Grail brag. Pardon hotel room iPhone pics. [[SPOILER]]
Hmmmm a minty Henry Poole MTM evening suit. Wool/silk. From '95. Worth the pickup at 60? Looks like a 41 reg / 35x33. Unless my eyes deceive.
My 64 Valiant still has the original resin/paper cone speakers. I bump them, bump them I tell you.
Do not do this. Get a snag-nab-it at Joanne's/Amazon- it will send the snag to the other side of the fabric.If you shave it off, it will get worse in time as the fabric moves.
Authenticity check? In the wild.
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