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E-thrift brag- I can see how they might have read inis meain as "inis meam".
http://www.ebay.com/itm/111456193151 Aquascutum x Drake’s London tie, currently at 20 bones.
At least this cold snap is encouraging thrifts to put out the woolens. These Pendleton shirts are gold when the average daily temps here in the maple state get below 30. Effing polar vortex... Effing New England.
+1Though, in many cases the office dictates the garb, which is why I asked. If the dev dept is in a larger office, it may be a different kettle of fish. I've worked investment firms and private law firms, and in such places everyone is expected to be in shirt/tie in IT, even if they stay in the bowels of the dept. Though the trend is swinging, the last time i was in a firm in DC, only the litigators were wearing ties... but I digress.
You can have a dry cleaner look at it. If you want to do it at home, "clean" off the crust with a stiff brush, dab a tiny bit water on a cloth and give it a couple of test blots(don't rub). If the cloth you're using is turning the color of the crust/stain, keep going, adding more water as needed. I've also had good luck with Tide stain "pens" with camel hair.As far as the IT job is concerned: depends on where the office is/ what industry. If Programming = Dont sweat it....
I've reached the point where I just squirrel ties away anywhere I can. I was debating having a custom cabinet made to hang them all dust free in an enclosed space, but then I was also thinking of getting an antique flat file/blueprint chest and refinishing the drawers.Like this [[SPOILER]] Right now they're back of closet door, and in boxes, and side of closet, and then in more boxes. Only have space to hang about 40%. [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, there were some ties in that bag-Repps [[SPOILER]] Madras [[SPOILER]] Clubs [[SPOILER]] Neats 1 [[SPOILER]] Neats 2 [[SPOILER]] Odd but notable [[SPOILER]] Wool 1 [[SPOILER]] Wool 2 [[SPOILER]]
Was wandering a few out of the way spots in the "hollers" of Vermont, and in a church basement, noticed a large trash bag, filled with what could be made out to be ties. Asked how much, was told 5 bucks, and went home with some guys tie collection from what seems to span 1920 to 1990. Roughly 200 ties, 40 or so from the 20s - 30s, about twenty of which are these amazing hand blocked English wool club ties. Most with Bunce bros tags from the old Cleaveland prep days...
Only time I've found St James wool, it had actual moth larvae crawling/ munching upon it. Nice find!
Did not work with the Chapal A1 http://www.benchandloom.com/shop/jackets-coats/2CURSES.
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