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I see you have my red stapler...
Halfway through southern CA vacation. So far so meh. Not pictured (left in rental car, parked with valet gnome) Henry Poole evening suit and Bally cap toe brogues.More of a staple-brag than a Grail brag. Pardon hotel room iPhone pics. [[SPOILER]]
Hmmmm a minty Henry Poole MTM evening suit. Wool/silk. From '95. Worth the pickup at 60? Looks like a 41 reg / 35x33. Unless my eyes deceive.
My 64 Valiant still has the original resin/paper cone speakers. I bump them, bump them I tell you.
Do not do this. Get a snag-nab-it at Joanne's/Amazon- it will send the snag to the other side of the fabric.If you shave it off, it will get worse in time as the fabric moves.
Authenticity check? In the wild.
the new Kiton capsule collection has some great slim silhouettes
Yes, very boxy. You should dispose of them in a sealed box in front of my house. They will be especially boxy then.
When I lived on the Berkeley/Oakland boarder, this happened every dec 31st. The swells from the hills would donate entire closets to the goodwill on San Pablo ave...nothing like a last minute 10k valued donation to help avoid taxes.
I bought one such- Sawyer for old Abercrombie ny (new old stock w/tags- thigh length chocolate brown) for 120 a few weeks ago...seemed like a hell of a deal at the time.
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