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In general, yes, you should expect the waist to stretch. FWIW, I have a of raw selvage GAP jeans from last year, and the waist stretched out at least a full size, maybe two. Denim from the GAP, even if raw, is going to be sanforized. If GAP tried to sell unsanforized denim it would create a nightmare for them when everyone returned their "defective jeans that shrank in the wash" (someone else made this point in the jeans thread, but it's worth repeating here).
If you search through this thread, you'll see varying opinions on Frye quality, with some suggesting that it's gone done since they've moved so much of their production to Mexico and that retail on Frye isn't worth it. My own experience with Frye has been pretty good, and I think that most of their boots (which tend to be goodyear welted and made from full grain leather) are far better than most of the brands you'll see making boots for $200 or less. You sound like...
I'm tempted to give the Minor Variety scoop t a shot. Based on notwithit's description and a few of the photos on the website it sounds like I should size down one if I don't want to be swimming in it. Has anyone else tried it?
I happened to be by an H&M this weekend that was carrying a lot of the collection, and I stopped in specifically to look at those boots. I'm a fan of the MMM side zips (like a lot of people on this forum), but I can't really afford them right now (I'm guessing that's also like a lot of people on this forum).Short version: they looked pretty good to me and were marked as $300, but if I didn't know they were a part of the collection I would never have guessed they cost that...
Thanks; I'm generally a fan of the Alphas but in my experience the material isn't as substantial. If there aren't better options at
I ordered a pair of the Comer straight fit chinos during one of their recent sales, but I had to return them because they just didn't fit right (I don't know if that's due to my body type or the fact that I just needed to try a larger size; unfortunately it doesn't look like you can get a pair with a 34 inseam with a waist larger than 34). I really liked the material on them though. Has anyone found something comparable offered by another brand? Maybe Club Monaco or Bonobos?
I tried them out, so maybe this will help others: - The do appear to be raw denim (even if the label "raw indigo wash" doesn't make much sense) - Made in Vietnam - The "Original fit" is... different. Some of the reviews on the Gap website mentioned them fitting similar to 501s; but I didn't have that experience at all: they have a decent taper and small enough leg opening that they aren't swallowing your shoes. The rise, however, is higher. Not quite "dad jeans"...
Does any indigo come off when you rub them? I think one issue people had with some of their previous versions is that they looked like raw denim but were in fact some sort of washed denim (I think they called it resin rinse) that wouldn't fade no matter how hard you wore them.
So does anyone know if those are actually raw denim, or if they just threw "raw" into the color description? The website lists them as: Fabrication: Elevated jeans, made of premium denim in a rigid raw selvage. Wash: Raw indigo.
I'm looking for a pair of oxfords or wingtips that are casual enough to wear with jeans; I also probably need to avoid leather soles (just not practical because of all the rain). My question: What brands make a decent shoe at around/under $200? According to these threads, Aldo sucks, Bed Stu sucks, Vintage Shoe Co sucks, Cole Haan sucks, etc. Any suggestions for someone who can't quite afford AE or Alden?
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