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Also, what seems to really be bothering people is the lack of updates. When my order from you was delayed I sent an email and got a response back within a day, both apologizing and letting me know it would be shipped within a week (it was, and I'm very happy with it, thank you). Obviously much different scales, but a quick response with updated info goes a long way to helping people be patient/not freak out.
TTS on Frye; size down on Moma. Speaking of, it looks like there is a decent collection of Moma on yoox now, but the 30% sale just ended.
I know defending Frye on Styleforum isn't the cool thing to do, but here we go: My experience with Frye (even the made in Mexico ones) is that they aren't cheap and shitty, just overpriced at full msrp. The leather quality and construction are much more similar to what you'd get from those mid-tier brands than from any of the garbage you'd fine in the $100-200 range at a department store. It's pretty easy to find Frye on sale for less than $200, and you can't say that...
Thanks, that's really helpful. I often find myself trying to figure out if I'm a L or XL, and I think for the fit I want I should probably size up in this case.
Just a quick follow-up question on Bedford sizing: I'm usually a 44. It sounds like I should be looking for an XL because the L would definitely be too tight?
In general, yes, you should expect the waist to stretch. FWIW, I have a of raw selvage GAP jeans from last year, and the waist stretched out at least a full size, maybe two. Denim from the GAP, even if raw, is going to be sanforized. If GAP tried to sell unsanforized denim it would create a nightmare for them when everyone returned their "defective jeans that shrank in the wash" (someone else made this point in the jeans thread, but it's worth repeating here).
If you search through this thread, you'll see varying opinions on Frye quality, with some suggesting that it's gone done since they've moved so much of their production to Mexico and that retail on Frye isn't worth it. My own experience with Frye has been pretty good, and I think that most of their boots (which tend to be goodyear welted and made from full grain leather) are far better than most of the brands you'll see making boots for $200 or less. You sound like...
I'm tempted to give the Minor Variety scoop t a shot. Based on notwithit's description and a few of the photos on the website it sounds like I should size down one if I don't want to be swimming in it. Has anyone else tried it?
I happened to be by an H&M this weekend that was carrying a lot of the collection, and I stopped in specifically to look at those boots. I'm a fan of the MMM side zips (like a lot of people on this forum), but I can't really afford them right now (I'm guessing that's also like a lot of people on this forum).Short version: they looked pretty good to me and were marked as $300, but if I didn't know they were a part of the collection I would never have guessed they cost that...
Thanks; I'm generally a fan of the Alphas but in my experience the material isn't as substantial. If there aren't better options at
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