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didn't want to speculate. it is my perception that the store was targeted at 50ish grandpas but that might not be the case anymore.
Henry Bucks has a survey via website to allow us to tell them what we think. It might be good for us if provide some feedback.
With clothes it is best to try before buy so maybe the sale of clothes via catologues is not worth the risk - but this does not excuse the shit put forward. I am often astonished with the dress sense (lack thereof) of business people in the CBD. I think the standard has improved a little with suits, shirts, ties - but not with shoes. The situation is dire on the retailer front (what is presented) and consumer front (what is purchased) so far as shoes are concerned.
If secondhand is fine then a store for watches in Melbourne is Antiquorum ( It is in the Block Arcade - beautiful in itself!
That would be Tino. I have heard it mentioned he does good work. I don't know what he charges but I do know the prices at American Tailors are stratospheric.
No, I don't. However, there is info here under 'Our Brands' and 'Lubiam'.
I think it is Lubiam (Italy).
A 15 gauge lambswool cardigan from Johnstons ( might be right for you.
John Smedley does a fine gauge merino but be aware that fit is tight.
A excellent insight into the 'The Wool-Textile Industry in the Scottish Borders' (albeit pre 2000) is here:
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