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at least we did that in 1968 and were big enough to admit our wrongs and say sorry in 2008. i don't think the British would do that - EVER. 'white societies' have a lot to learn about the issue and I don't think the British (and derivatives like U.S. and Aus) can preach on racism from moral high ground.
interested to read the poms have learn't about racism. it was the poms who attempted to destruct the aboriginal race - a bit of heritage that Australia has not rectified in 200 years.
..and the name of the tailor is???
anyone know who The Cloakroam uses to make the clothes (trousers, shirts, jackets, suits)?
how do you adjust so image is smaller in post once copied/pasted the IMG Code?
i like the look of roping on suits for business. here is a suit of mine with roping.
I was interested to read that Henry Buck's was founded as a shirtmaker and that continue to make a portion of range in Melbourne. Does anyone here use Henry Bucks for shirts? What are thoughts?
i think that is half the problem. the store does not understand what market it is after. it has stuff from casual to formal, from very low end to very high end, and junk as well. it is all over the place.
didn't want to speculate. it is my perception that the store was targeted at 50ish grandpas but that might not be the case anymore.
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