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what about a suit from Cantarelli? the look is continental. i am sure the cut is slimmer than most. hence, could be close to what is wanted.
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur I wonder what the igents would have done. suffered real bad.
of course. the heat was brutal. a tie and jacket when it is 40 degC is mad.
Nice shoes. The colour has depth to it. Well done. But I wish that Loake didn't fiddle with the shape of the rubber on the heel!
anyone have a critique/picture of a shirt from Charles Edwards?
I bought shoes (from stock so RTW) from Paolo Scafora in 2007 with contact via email.
belts for sure. with range of colours and shades.
I do. We don't own a car since don't need one. PT in Melbourne, Australia is not that bad. The network is extensive esp as get closer to the CBD where we live. We can travel to where we want via PT - either train, tram or bus.
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik I actually was looking for someone in Australia that would help me buy a lamp. I can haz PM? I suggest you put a finger into a powerpoint and you will have yourself a lamp.
Quote: Originally Posted by culverwood Are you going to blame the poms for all Australias ills forever? Yes, until that shit in the corner of our flag is removed (dangling a bigger bait to hookup a larger fish) .
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